Tampa Am January 2008 Chill Time Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am January 2008 Chill Time

Posted on Monday, January 21, 2008 by Rob

Lizard King is a little out of his mind right at this moment. That's Ewan Bowman, the Flip team manager
I spy Nick Dompierre. He's here with his brother Jordan who is skating in the Contest
Manny Santiago's cheerleader support for Justin Brock during his runs didn't help him make the cut
James from Atomic is inking up Jimmy Astleford. Atomic Tattoos did free ink all weekend long
For Tampa Pro 2009, Reese Forbes is going to have another high ollie challenge in Ybor City. Maybe we'll see a new world record
John Motta met some fire spitter chick over the weekend. He brought her to the Park and she blew during his run
I like the legs just as much as the shoes in this foot fetish
The Nuge, Sammy Baca, and Justin Regan from Sole Tech - thanks for hanging out at our skateboard shindig
Dodge works for Nike SB now. Look at those Blazer Lows you've never seen before
Ben Raybourn likes his shoes broken in
Apollo Cutts is getting both hands inked up
The old people news showed up to cover the event. Look at the Bryan Gumble clone they got
Ink on the hands was a popular choice for the weekend. That's Bill Weiss, pioneer of the butt naked 540
Seriously girls, don't be wearing stuff like this in public
Had a run-in with The Bird this weekend. He said hello and we did a bob and weave
Derwenko and I randomly met Brandon Dunlap on the way to the Art After Dark show on Friday night. Brandon had some work on display at the show
We had some really weird food before heading over to the Tampa Museum of Art. I have an imaginary food bouncer that sits on my shoulder. He doesn't let anything like this get near my mouth
A mystery woman admiring some of the art at the show
I bet DJ Blenda gets a lot more sleep than DJ Wade
The Tampa Museum of Art downtown was packed for the Art After Dark show. Too bad there was no beer after dark because they ran out. I don't feel comfortable in normal people crowds like this. We should go to The Hub
Jay Giroux had some work on display at Art After Dark. Jay, was the jock cut part of your art piece?
Chris Deacon would rather be at The Hub right now than tending to his work on the wall at Art After Dark
Kelly, Joanne, Eric, and Scooter, I'm sorry about the crew of underage clientelle that followed me to The Hub. Filmer Sara should not even be allowed into this place for at least another six years
Now we're at the Jeremy Fish "Out of Print" show at RedLetter1 in Ybor. This dude here is calling all his friends to tell them how sick Jeremy Fish is
You've seen the peace sign, the thumbs up, the devil horns, and of course the middle finger. This girl has a new photo hand gesture - the thumbs sideways. She gets the Most Attractive Girl of the Weekend award from me. I din't talk to her because I'm shy like that, plus this mystery dude might be her boyfriend
It sure is hard to be gangsta when a cop has a flashlight in your window
I think there must have been about six John Mottas. I saw him everywhere I went
Another one of Schaefer's lady fans made a t-shirt about him
Holy crap. Yes, that's real. An NWA tramp stamp and muffin top
I'm on my way to our 15-Year Anniversary Party at Czar right now, but before that, I made a stop to see Ropongie's Ace, a damn good local band that plays at New World a lot. You should check it out
That's Chris from the Beauvilles, another crew of dudes producing entertainment for the ears
You know that one Bouncing Souls song, "I like your mom?" Yeah, I got that stuck in my head right now. That's Lisa Harrison, mom of well known baby trouble maker Ashley Harrison
Oliver from Nike SB needs to put in his application for the Skatepark of Tampa Party Team. He's almost there
Whether you call it a brumsky or a motorboat, it's always a pleasure watch and/or participate in one. That's Ryan Dodge doing the deed on Sarakye
The Hold Steady was one of the best shows I've been to in a while. Check out Reax Mag's coverage of the show
Know your businessmen in the sketchy skateboard industry. That's Greg Chapman, manufacturer of many wooden planks
Another fine set of legs leading all the way up to heaven
Porpe, thanks for joining me in the wacky suit department. Mine belonged to my grandfather. It's probably 40 or 50 years old
Jake from Volcom and Lupfer from DFL
Kevin from Nike SB - thanks for supporting and improving these skateboard shindigs we throw. That's Zoo York filmer RB Umali with him
That's a foot fetish with Jimmy Marchand, the guy who skated with the crutches this weekend
That's Wayne, Brian Schaefer's brother. His hair is always shiny and wet like cat eyes
Mike Goodwine did that shirt. I'm guessing he probably did this chick, too
G-Unit is corrupting David Gonzales
The wizard sleeves were showing in this floor shot with Ewan Bowman so I had to move the logo to make it PG-13
I love the time of the night where everyone gets loose enough to start getting down. Willy Akers joined the dance party
Sierra, David Clark, Alanna, Bristol - very illegal, legal, legal, part illegal
There's John Motta again at the end of a long night of punishing the liver with Matt Cantor from MIA Skatepark
The TV outside that showed what was going on inside was quite a hit. We are going to try to really improve this next year
That's a phone fetish with Ricky Martin. His phone didn't make it through the night. Nice wrist tat
DJ Wade loves Columbia
In the Baker ad where they said Antwuan Dixon doesn't give a f*&^k, they were not kidding. Check the new neck tat he got from the Atomic tent this weekend
If you were in this crowd, thanks for coming to our dusty little warehouse for a nice skateboard shindig
More skateboard moms that are keeping that Bouncing Souls song stuck in my head
Here are two more businessmen you should know in the sketchy skateboard industry. Rob Brink from RobBrink.com and Tony Evjenth from Matix. One of the comments sent in during the live webcast was, "Plaid is the new tight pants." These guys are all about it
Active Erica, I don't really approve of the barnyard animal print, but you're still looking good. I think Filmer Sara is laughing at you, though
That's Vincent Alvarez, one of my new favorites after seeing all the skating go down this weekend
Oliver from Nike SB laid down for this foot fetish. The rest of the body attached to those toes is the hottest 4th grade teacher I've ever met. Those kiddies are hyped to go to school
I spy Geoff Rowley. Thanks for coming, Geoff
I don't think Ben Raybourn got any extra points for the macho back tat
Thanks to Kevin and 411vm.com for putting together the live webcast. They'll be doing the same thing for Tampa Pro in March
I spy Frank Gerwer. Thanks for hanging out at our skateboard shindig
Now is your chance to rip on the announcers like they did to you. That's Brian Schaefer and Vern Laird - thanks for the entertainment
Dude on the left: "Nice butt cheek bro."
Dude on the right: "We're dirty, wet, and naked. Let's fist each other."
Winners of the Old Man Bowl Jam - Thomas Taylor, Fat Bob, and Snacks Sinclair
Thanks to Nixon for making these custom watches for prizes
Vince Del Valle won Best Trick and got one of those one computers with the really jacked keyboard layout
Congrats Ryan Decenzo on winning Tampa Am January 2008


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