Chill Cam Dump: Feet, Mullets, and a Little Skateboarding Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Chill Cam Dump: Feet, Mullets, and a Little Skateboarding

Posted on Tuesday, March 11, 2008 by Rob

It's pretty cool when boxes like this just show up on your desk. Thanks for the Garcia 2's
Red Bull had a photography show in Atlanta last week. Somehow Angel and I ended up on a Red Bull funded adventure up there basically just to party for one night and return home in the morning. Mike Peterson was one of the first lurkers we ran into. Atlanta has an entire building dedicated to cigarette smoking. Sick
The Red Bull thing was called Illume. There were all these giant lit up photos of "action" sports, as opposed to other sports where there is no action
Thanks for hooking up this trip, Red Bull Sarah. That's Angel on the right with one of many cool ATL bums we met
Did you make it to the Built to Spill show? Seems like all of Tampa did. That's Erin and Mandy, locals at The Hub in downtown Tampa
Here's another lazy skate photo from my balcony. Who dat? Frontside 180
To the right of that, they're making fast progress on ripping down the Art Museum
Levi and I ended up at the St. Pete plaza park on Sunday. This random dude had a nice backside 360. Hat's off
Right after Levi's bsts on the bank, my camera battery died. Oh well, back to the chill shots
Where else are you going to find a mullet like this besides The Hub? You can use every California shakka guy adjective to describe this one - epic, gnarly, righteous, bitchin', etc. It's even dipped in gold. Wow. Joanne and I are amazed
Downtown, they're building another high rise condo and they're trying to paint this picture like all the beautiful people are going to be residents when in reality is kooks like Ian Markowitz that live there. That's my goonie ass neighbor that complains about music at 5pm on a Friday afternoon. Anyway, someone made their own legit looking signs for the new condo development except they replaced the people with cracked out looking middle class. The photo on top is the normal beautiful people sign and the one below was made by the pranksters. Up close that guy is sweating bullets and looking like he's on acid. I'm bummed this stunt wasn't my idea
Another sign the pranksters modified is on the other corner of the block. This one has some classic business guy type, such as the bitch Ian Markowitz in Skypoint living next door to me, except there's a pen going through his cheek leaking ink. So far, no one has noticed that the signs have been altered
When Mike Frazier heard about the vert funeral we were having, he came out here to lay down in front of the bulldozers in protest. Nah, he's actually helping to tear down the Game of SKATE course with Frosty and Giles. There will be a new one, but it's not going to be pretty. More on that later


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