A Chill Cam Dump From San Diego Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Chill Cam Dump From San Diego

Posted on Friday, April 11, 2008 by Rob

by Rob Meronek

Have you seen 411 Magazine in Tampa? It has nothing to do with skateboarding. It's a super, super gay guide to Tampa
For some reason the other night, fireworks started going off in downtown Tampa. I quickly set up the tri-pod and shot these photos from my balcony
I didn't shoot this photo. Dallas Rockvam sent it over. After the party at Phoenix Am last weekend, he got into a little fight
This ghetto club down the street from SPoT always has some funny signs out front for their specials. Usually it's "Broke Ass Wednesdays," but now they got a new night to promote on Thursday. Or is it Thirsday? They're not sure how it's spelled
For the last four years in a row, I've spent my birthday either all day or overnight in an airport. At least I'm traveling with the best crew possible. Clem and I are having a birthday shot
I miss my homeless friends at The Hub. That's Angel and Kim
I had the pleasure of kicking it with Derewenko's bird the other day. This guy's got a bob and weave like Mohammed Ali
Here's an update on the total rippitude going down on the new vert ramp
More of my friends at The Hub. Come join us sometime. That's the Valrico Mangler with Erin. SPoT local Dan and a crew of hot chicks also happened to roll in. Hot chicks generally do not like to be anywhere near the crusty ass Hub
A fantastic way to get around the airport
Did you see the new Thrasher? They called out the News Watcher
As soon as we got to San Diego, we threw back some sauce with Roberto Aleman and Kyle Berard. Berard has a wrist stamp also
Later on that night, I met up with Blair from TransWorld and Ari from Doogood. They were at sort of a dive bar, but it was full of jocks as the whole state of California is. I lit up a smoke and tried to use my "I'm from Texas" innocent excuse and some dude who didn't even work there freaked out on me
Well look who's here. You may remember Jessica from the party tornado she and Ashley brought during Tampa Pro. Jessica's hometown is San Diego
We are way overdue for a foot fetish
This is our friend Chef Nikki G. She's got some high tech devices in her car
Right now, we're working and having some bid'niss meetings at the Volcom offices. They don't have the average looking Captain Corporate type offices here
That's Mike Aho in the art department at Volcom. He designed this SPoT shirt: Skatepark of Tampa: Mike Aho x SPoT Fall In Love T Shirt
After working in the office for a bit, we all got to go through the warehouse and fill a few bags full of some extra fresh gear. There are miles and miles of boxes full of everything Volcom makes. There's an entire separate floor for chick gear. I shipped home a 40lb box of new threads. Thanks Volcom!
Just when I thought I was getting a little greedy, I looked over at Schaefer and Clem's pile of gear and didn't feel so bad. We are now on our way to go skate the Volcom park


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