Chill Cam Dump: Tito's Hitched and Kevin Learned a New Trick Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Chill Cam Dump: Tito's Hitched and Kevin Learned a New Trick

Posted on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Did you ever land a trick then think, "Holy crap, did I just make that??" Kevin Freeling had that look on his face after he just learned kickflip backside tailslides on the rail
Schaefer and I put on our best gear and drove over to Orlando for Tito's party and informal wedding. It was real informal with Schaefer as the Reverend and me as Altar Boy. Schaefer did it smooth like he was announcing a contest. Vans Lea kept us some good company
A foot fetish with some wedding party members
I like how everyone gets out their freshest gear whenever there's a fancy dress up type thing going on. Clements has a City Star diamond pinky ring and some wishbone cuff links
Tito's on his honeymoon in Puerto Rico now. Clem, Schaefer, and I are crashing it on Thursday and staying in Puerto Rico until Sunday. Thanks for the invite, Tito and Jen. We promise to behave
While in Orlando, Schaefer and I ran into a website fan that recognized us and asked to be in a "chill shot." His name is Brian, too. Here's your chill shot, Brian. Thanks for chill shotting with us. We went ahead and threw in a foot fetish, too
After the "wedding" your standard bar scene antics went down. Schaefer likes when they sit real lady-like
The other day, Derewenko took me to the gun range. I didn't even want to touch a gun. Can you seriously by that weapon at the gun range? Yep. Welcome to Florida
What's a Chill Cam Dump without a photo from The Hub? Right now, the Valrico Mangler is going nuts on some kids that rolled up trying to get in. We watch the sunset down the street then return to the cave
That's the tip jar at The Hub. It's a little old. Remember Heckler Magazine? Scooter there owns The Hub

Here's a little bit of footage from the wedding and Reverend Schaefer's skills as a wedding coordinator. Of course, there's a little bit of some antics at The Hub after that.


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