Damn Am at Minneapolis 2008 Chill and Party Time

Posted on Tuesday, June 10, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

That's Joe Hammeke. He lurks around the world with us shooting photos for Thrasher. Ever seen a fisheye chill cam like that?
These slashers made up the top five in the Bowl Jam
So we hired two strippers for the DC Dunk Tank. I thought it was going to get nuts, but it was actually pretty tame. At least Schaefer didn't get in naked and then streak through the crowd like Make-A-Wish
Clyde was the source of serious entertainment all weekend. He got banned from the hotel the first night we were there. He took a dip in the Dunk Tank, too
That's Sierra from Tampa. She turned 18 this weekend and decided to spend it with us in the mid-west. She's like a Filmer Sara that doesn't film. I am going to adopt both of these girls that are like the long lost daughters I never had. I asked her for her top 10 cutest skater boys of the weekend and she put Curren Caples down as number one. The rest of the list goes: David Loy, Julian Davidson, Cody Davis, Chazz Ortiz, Shawn Hale, Jeremy Knibbs, Tim Struffert, Evan Smith, and Brian Schaefer. Schaefer???
David Loy made Sierra's top 10 list, but that's not Sierra, those are strippers. Don't give them any money, David. Save it for me in the dice game later
DC hooked it up with the trophies. They're each a Danny Way shoe that he used for the Great Wall of China jump
The child corruption continues as the awards are given out and everyone gets a double peck on the cheeks no matter how young you are. At least we didn't pull the stunt they did in Rotterdam
In addition to the DC Shoe trophy, everyone got a Jimbo Phillips print. First place got the original. Thanks for hooking it up Jimbo
The Mall of America is in Minneapolis. Brooke Durgin is trying to claim "I'm not girly," but she ended up on a shopping spree there with Sierra
Congrats Evan Smith for winning it this year. Check out his run: Wallie lipslide on the hubba, backside smith grind on the bump to bar, backside 180 nosegrind on the bump to box, nollie heelflip noseslide down the hubba, backside noseblunt on the bank to wall, backside 5-0 on the bump to box, ollie impossible over the bank to bank, backside disaster on the quarter pipe, backside lipslide frontside 270 out on the flat box across the whole damn thing
If your company sent stuff for the product toss, it's much appreciated. Kids were walking away with piles of new gear
I swiped some photos from Joe Hammeke's chill cam. Looks like he spent some time with Clyde and Dujuan Bell having some of Clyde's favorite food - chicken
Apparently Schaefer and his lady charm convinced some random mom to take them from the park to downtown. Clyde passed out wasted in the back. I know from personal experience how hard it is it wake Clyde up when he passes out. I almost had to throw him over my shoulder over the weekend. Good times
There was a party bus in constant rotation from the park to downtown where the Jimbo Phillips art show was. We had some ragers on that thing. Thanks to whoever hooked that up. Our driver happened to be super cool with all our antics, too
The party bus was so fun we were just riding in it back and forth from the park to the show. When we got there, things were a little fuzzy. Clyde is still providing a steady stream of fantastic entertainment for us all
Foot fetish with that one black dude that likes chicken
Here's the text message of the week. Porpe's ex-girl is really trying to ruin his weekend by saying "Keep being the SPoT's bitch." Wow. I'm the SPoT's bitch and I'm having the time of my life with it. What's this bitch talking about?
So I spent some time with the kiddies on Sunday at the After Party at Major's. I'm looking like Super Dad right here. When they fired up a large circle of $1 dice games, I felt bad taking all their lunch money like a bully on the playground. Oh well, they were asking for it
Puppy love. David Loy made Sierra's top 10 cutest skater boys list. He can't take her on a date because I have all his allowance money for the next two months
Jeremy Knibbs made Sierra's top 10 list, too. We had a hard time getting him to smile
Oh, Porpe cleaned up on the kiddies, too. We had them all suckered into $20 rolls. Porpe rolled once, swept up a hundo, and dipped
How did Schaefer make it on Sierra's top 10 list? Oh, I forgot, all girls young and old fall head over heels for this dude
Bristol skated in the Contest, but he blew it so bad I didn't even enter his scores. Clyde had his bank robber mask on all night
Muslim Manny, thanks for coming to another one of our skateboard shindigs
None of these dudes made it on Sierra's top 10 list: Levi, Mario, and Anthony Schultz
Here's a sequence of Clyde taking one for the team and getting dunked by Felix
I spy Josh Kalis. Thanks for hanging out. See you all next year