AmsterDamn Am 2008: We Got Here Early

Posted on Thursday, July 17, 2008 by Rob

Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek
Footage by P-Stone

It's been a long nine hour flight from Atlanta where I didn't get any sleep. We're flying in to Amsterdam right now at 9am and I am in sleep deprived zombie mode
The movie system on the plane kept crashing. Stupid freetards and their Linux
Despite being awake for about 30 hours or so at this point, somehow we skated at the park all day. They have a nice bowl in the back. Recognize that back tail? Yep, Schaefer has as many back tails as I have meron grabs and Clem has tail blocks
Things like this freak me out - going from one ramp to another with no deck. This is a replica of that China spot made of brick. That's P-Stone back there sailing over the bank to bank. I think it's his first photo without a can of sauce in his hand
This is right outside the skate park. Look between DMFP's legs. No not there, homo. I mean the tower. We saw four local lurkers at the top of that thing on the end of it drinking beer. We could not figure out how they got up the base of the tower, but before this weekend is up, we will be up there looking down on the city
The architecture is amazing here just like the rest of Europe. There are just some random streets of Amsterdam
Bikes are mandatory here. We are two days into the trip and so far no one has lost or destroyed one. Wish us luck for the rest of the days
It's a nice 15 minute ferry ride to the skate park each day. There are cars so small here that you can drive them onto the ferry if you want
Bike bell fetish
It's tough for me here being the pickiest eater of all time. What do you order off a sketchy menu like this? The first item says "dogsoup" like we're in my Phillipine homeland or something. I think that means soup of the day
Two days in a row, two meals that get the gas face. That plate on top was a nice mixture of unidentifiable weirdness. The one of the bottom is the first and last burger I am ever ordering in Holland. Salad comes complete with sketchy dressing and what appears to be gnats sprinkled on top
So far, it's only P-Stone and I that are enjoying the local legal buds
You got a drop in on this tight spot?
We have a two story apartment style hotel room. Downstairs is like a legit living room and serves as our office for the next several days
There's some weird skateboard thing on the front page of the paper here today. What's the headline say? That's the longest word I've ever seen
Of course, we pulled the standard "lurk out at the local shop" for a couple hours. We're off to the skate park again then to the bars and coffee shops. I'm already worried about what kind of dinner is going to be put in front of me
John Dickson - laserflip boardslide on the rainbow rail
DMFP - tail drop off the rail into the bank
Figgy - kickflip smith on the rainbow rail
Figgy - switch backside flip on the hip
David Loy - lein to tail on the super quarter
Rob Meronek - alley oop boardslide pop out on the bank to bar
Rob Meronek - frontside big spin over the hip
Collin Provost - kickflip over the China bump