AmsterDamn Am 2008: Caught in a Heineken Hurricane

Posted on Sunday, July 20, 2008 by Rob

Photos by Jake the ATM with the BTM and Rob Meronek
Captions by Rob Meronek

This quarterpipe was so big kids started playing games of SKATE in front of it because they thought it was a vert ramp. Grant Taylor skates it like it's a mini ramp
Colin Provost took the comeback trick of the year and added a nollie
Colin Provost - frontside flip over the oriental gap
Can you nollie that thing with you head between your legs like that?
I can't wait until we get to the Barcelona bump to bar in a few days. I am going to meron grab all over that thing like this dude on the oriental bump
I am such of fan of the Euro Maryln Manson. Super cool dude that's way more normal that you'd expect. That's a long frontside nosegrind
The Euro Antwuan Dixon was hanging out all day. All he's missing is neck tats, felonies, and a 3.0 blood alcohol content and his kit is complete
P-Stone premiered the new Thrasher video that went great with all these Amsterdam amenities we have been enjoying
Seems like there are no cops here until something happens, then they come out of every corner. This was some altercation we ran into while at some bar in the Red Light District. They don't like when you take photos there
The Heineken Hurricane continues at some random bar with funny rules like it's the uptight and paranoid US and A. They got longneck Heinekens there
Everyone's all about these. They're a little too slimy and wet for my taste. I'm sticking to the Heineken Hurricane
I'm not usually a fan of the whole oriental thing, especially the food. When P-Stone brought us to this Thai place, I wasn't expecting anything I could eat. Turns out it's the best meal in town. I've had six of these rice and chicken bowls so far
Friday night there was more good food and good friends at the bowl right in the mix of Amsterdam. The DJ didn't play one single techno song. Thanks, man
A nice tat on the left and a big fat rollie pollie on the right
Clint Peterson showed up with some mandatory foot fetish material. He's one of the judges this weekend
That's Elske who runs the Amsterdam Skatepark. Thanks for letting us take over your joint for the weekend and especially for delivering beers to us all day like a waitress. I spy Jake Phelps. In the back our the judges: Clint Peterson, Roberto Aleman, John Muldoon, Jason Rothmeyer, and P-Stone. They've all been informed of the new hot move known as the switch nollie. Be on the look out for it
Wow, Euro Manson is a fan of Hello Kitty
Anyone know what Euro Manson's knuckle tats say?
DMFP with a rare moment of DJ Wade's eyes actually being shut. Nice courtroom shirt, Dylan
Right down the road from our hotel, there was the world's largest techno acid trip fest going on
The all day Heineken Hurricane continued far into the night at the After-Party last night. This hot box had a line to get in, a line to get out, fifty cents to take a piss, and full pit fighting to get a beer. Good times. Vern is here to help Schaefer on the mic all weekend
Roberto is from Spain. He's going to be our personal ripping skate spot tour guide while we're there. First stop: bump to bar
It was a serious dance party in the hot box. We got there right after Bad $h!t and ASG finished playing. Oops. I like the shark fin dance that one dude is doing
Welcome to Europe