AmsterDamn Am 2008: Sunday Finals, Monday Recovery

Posted on Wednesday, July 23, 2008 by Rob

Photos by Rob and Jake the ATM with the BTM
Captions by Rob Meronek

Rob Maatman finished up his amazing run with this giant, slow motion frontside big spin over the slant eye gap
Louie Lopez was looking like he could win it this weekend, but fell off on both of his Semi-Finals runs. He definitely won practice with stuff like this giant frontside big spin, though
Kris Vile is one of the many kids that checked in for the Contest with a beer in hand. This is a frontside bluntslide fakie on the handrial
Wow, Woody got super good from last year. 360 flip over the rice gap
Nelson Mosikili has skated AmsterDamn Am all three years. This year he made the cut to the Semi-Finals. That's a big backside flip over the chopsticks gap
Collin Provost got 12th in the Finals because he didn't skate due to a folded ankle during practice right after this frontside feeble front 180 out
Collin Provost - smith grind frontside 180 out
Madars Apse had a good chance of winning it also. He made this smith grind kickflip out on the rainbow ledge during Best Trick
Collin Provost pulls these lein noseblunts in even when he lands a little crooked. Scary trick
Chris Gregson - frontside flip noseblunt
Kris Vile - feeble gring back tail on the bank to bar with some one foot flair thrown in
Mario Matabele is now with the Creation/Satori family. He is skating super good these days. That's a 360 flip over the bank to bank
People were comparing Eniz Fazliov's style to Appleyard all weekend. That's a frontside noseblunt slide for the crowd
David Loy - airwalk over the Hello Kitty gap. I spy Tony Trujillo
If you were in this crowd, thanks for coming to our skateboard shindig
I can't remember this kid's name, but Vern on the mic kept saying he was going to steal him for Listen. That's a 360 flip over the bank to bank
Dylan was about to shut down Best Trick with a giant backside 180 nosegrind over the 12 foot deck to hubba but then nearly sliced his finger off and had to sit out
Volcom hooked up some bikes for first through third place
Thanks to all the companies that sent stuff for the product toss. I spy a very unmacho baby Euro string strap backpack
I don't know how DJ Wade gets around with all his records on that bike. We're on the ferry back now. See you next year, Skatepark Amsterdam
Freddy Tan! Straight out of Orlando to the sketchy streets of Amsterdam. He got hurt and couldn't skate this weekend
Brothers from different mothers, Euro Manson and DJ Wade. Euro Manson is the first person I've met that has topped DJ Wade with tales of extra weird adventures he's been in
Daryl Angel requested this photo on his skater profile on the site
David Clark and Justin Brock are sharing gloves. It's freezing out here in Amsterdam and I haven't had a jacket for five days
Monday after the Contest was a full work day for most of us and a mellow night of recovery at our hotel. Right now we're taking a break for some Euro mexican food - Brian Schaefer, Roberto Aleman, DMPF and his new lady friend, Clint Peterson, and P-Stone. What a tight crew to be globetrotting with
Brian Schaefer - ghost ride the bike
Good bye Amsterdam. Barcelona, here we come.