AmsterDamn Am 2009

Posted on Monday, July 27, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Check the Results Page for Colin Clark's footage of each run in the Finals.

Cristel is working the counter and letting the sauce flow this weekend. Does your local park have beer on tap?
Dylan Perry - smith transfer out
That's Douwe Macare on a frontside nosegrind, everyone's favorite new Euro of the weekend
Jordan Price just turned 15 today. Were you wandering the streets of Amsterdam on your 15th birthday? If I was, I think I'd probably be dead by 20. Jordan's a good kid and he will be just fine, though. Thanks for coming all the way from Florida for our skateboard shindig, Jordan
This sign was posted at the airport when we came in from Barcelona. Are they saying all luggage is lost?
We plugged the printer in and it looked like dry ice was underneath it. Totally fried like a stoner in an Amsterdam coffee shop
Double New Yorkin' it part one: Rachid Addou - nollie backside flip
Double New Yorkin' it part two: Who dat? 360 flip
Double New Yorkin' it part three: Wow, I guess the double roll up isn't so bad when your backside big spins look like that. That's Manuel de Jong
Beer after noon, coffee before noon, skateboarding all day
The Dutch version of the General Lee? Clem is bummed he missed it
Wow, I wonder what busted cut is hiding under that Euro cap. Looks like the old court jester Chad Fernandez-ish type hair. This was spotted in Wok to Walk, a place where we all had about 10 meals in a row. It was far from authentic local cuisine which means it's awesome
There are pole jams everywhere here. Dylan Perry scraped this one while I shot a horrible photo of it. We're currently lost being led by Schaefer on the way to the Bowl Jam
Tykes in full pads - check. 45 year old slashers - check. Beer - check. BBQ - check. Death metal in the speakers - check. Weed burning - check. Yep, it's a typical Bowl Jam. Check out that chill cam converted to film skate videos
That's Central Station that a million tourists a day go through
They like bikes, boats, and trains there. At any given time, you're in danger of getting hit by any one of them if you're not paying attention
If you're ever in a position where you're wondering why someone ended up in a certain place, ask yourself if you really watched the whole contest. The judges watch and document every single run in amazing detail to get their scores and overall evaluation. It's a tough job doing this for over 80 people in Qualifying
The Sexty Sexers on the Volcom Entertainment label put on a good show for us Saturday night. The pit was full of drunk dudes and girls wearing busted gear. What a fun night
Of course DJ Wade was front and center on the stage. When his zombie face tat comes out, I know things are getting loose
Colin Clark, thanks for providing all the skate footage all weekend. Right after this night of partying, I woke up to an email from Colin at 4am where he provided the edited footage for the day before. We need more hard working (and normal/non-tweaker/non-complainer/non-bitch) people like Colin in the sketchy skateboard industry
Vern Laird and DJ Wade have two different reviews of the Sexty Sexers show
Euro mullet and vampire teeth? Thanks for the entertainment
Things were getting loose in the pit. All I need is some more social lubricant (beer) and I'm ready to dive in
Lots of girls have style and dress pretty decent here, but I'm only showing you photos of the wack gear
Jebrane from Volcom, thanks for all the booze. I had to do a foot fetish with his rabbit ears
My man Manuel de Jong rolled his pants back down before coming out to the bar. He and Douwe Macare back there creeping in are two of my favorite new Euros I met over the weekend. Hope to see you guys in the States soon, even with your double New Yorkin' it deal
Those legging things are super popular all over Europe. They're like the double New Yorkin' it of women's wear over there. Looks like Vern's into it
Zumiez guy, due to alcohol, I forgot your name. Thanks for giving out the Destroyer Award at this event
Jan Hofer - bluntslide
Max Kruglov, I would like to visit your country - Russian 360 flip
Adrien Bulard only speeka Engrish when drunk at 2am - 360 flip to 2nd place in the Finals
Tim Zom - 5-0 on the bank/pipe. That thing kind of freaks me out. Too weird trying to skate that
Kevin Vu - feeble
Yet another double New Yorkin' it with the knicker style. That's Tommie Zanders on a feeble grind
Fredrik Naerland - ollie to fakie
Darius Krzyminski had to endure Vern on the mic calling him a Marine and asking him on if he was AWOL during his run
A smoking skate mom, literally and figuratively
I wonder who Kenny Hughes is laughing at while writing down scores. Thanks to Matthieu Tourneur, Jason Rothmeyer, and Kenny Hughes for the judging all weekend
Everyone was expecting Eniz to win it, but a few bails in the Finals kept him from the top spot. That's an alley oop backside ollie over the Alex gap which was later renamed to the Kenny Huges gap due to Kenny's complaints. We do what Kenny wants and everything stays on track
After seeing Spencer Lau's first run, I thought he might squeeze into the cut with tricks like this backside tailslide over the Kenny Hughes gap. He just missed it by a few places
Tom Harrison - 360 flip
Jordan Price - 360 flip. I wonder what new things in life he learned while spending his 15th birthday in Amsterdam this weekend
Leander Geelhoed - FSBS on the big rail
One of the only man-ams in the Contest, Chris Oliver - frontside feeble grind over the Kenny Hughes gap
Rachid Addou - nollie heel
Just a few hours prior to this switch backside 50-50 on the rainbow rail, Peter Molek was hammered at the bar
Dan Wileman, sorry it's not hot enough for this kit. At least Lutzka keeps his shirt on. Oh well, Dan was ripping all weekend. That's a crooked grind on the rainbow rail
Louie Lopez probably learned a lot of new things this weekend in Amsterdam, too. Not skateboard tricks, though. That's a frontside flip over the long pyramid
Thanks to the SPoTlight Productions staff for making this a great skateboard shindig
Ricardo Paterno - frontside feeble grind to 1st Place in the Finals
DJ Wade on the 1's and 2's, thanks for not sucking at music life
When Vern speaks his mind on the mic at the Contest, people get a good laugh about it. When I speak my mind on the internet, people get upset. What am I doing different?
During Best Trick, this girl was cruising around the course. I'm surprised Vern didn't stop the Contest and clear the course so we could get a 20 minute solo demo from her
Chima Ferguson won the Zumiez Destroyer Award for ripping the hardest all weekend. He was one of the first ones at the Contest each day like a little kid
Martin Pek won Best Trick with a fakie 5-0 fakie flip out on the concrete hubba
Top three was Ricardo Paterno, Adrien Bulard, and Youness Amrani. You can get a trick list and footage of their runs here
Before the weekend was over, my double New Yorkin' it Euro pals had me converted to the knickers
After the Contest was over on Sunday, we all went to The Minds, where we proceeded to become out of our minds. Kenny Hughes is already in there when we arrive sweating so bad you can stick Euros to his head. He's several shots deep and the night has just started. Think he's going to miss his 8am flight?
Wow, I thought only pro lesbian butch skater chicks wore the Beetlejuice socks. That's Schaefer in this foot fetish with a pair on and someone wearing a new Stefan colorway
Michael runs the Park and lets us take over during the weekend of AmsterDamn Am. Thanks!
Elske also runs the Amsterdam Park with Michael. Thank you for letting us throw this skateboard shindig there for the fourth year in a row. Kenny, try not to tackle the staff please
David Bow is repping Iceland with a tat of his homeland
They got a wacky bartender at The Minds
More tights on girls, this time with a matching weird ass sock? Thanks to everyone in Amsterdam for the hospitality and fun times. See you next year for the fifth. Bring some ice

Amsterdam Chill Cam Footage: DJ Wade Loves to Party

The Sexty Sexers on Volcom Entertainment played last night at the AmsterDamn Am party. Mixed drinks with no ice. Wow. No one here ever looked at the ground in winter and thought, "You know, we should put some of this ice in our drinks?"

Dylan Perry at AmsterDamn Am

Dylan Perry has some some lines in the park filmed by Colin Clark...see you here.

Douwe Macare at AmsterDamn Am

Colin Clark has more footage of Douwe Macare during Friday's practice. Here's a few clips ending in kickflip frontside boardslide shuv it out on the rail. Damn, Douwe!