Clem's Chill Cam Dump From Damn Am and Portland

Posted on Monday, November 2, 2009 by Ryan

By Ryan Clements

As you may have read in one of Rob's captions, I was the official legal guardian of Mark during our trip out to Damn Am. Mark won an all-expense paid (except food) trip to Damn Am Costa Mesa. He and I went and did our own thing a few of the evenings due to some prior obligations that I had, and of course since he was under-age and all I wasn't able to take him to the bars exactly. I released custody of Mark to Jorge (I know that sounds crazy) on Sunday evening and headed out to Portland to visit some family. Here are a few pics from the entire trip...

On Thursday night we went to dinner at Ruby's on the Huntington Beach Pier. Jereme ordered a Shirley Temple, or is that a Roy Rogers? Either way it was really cute

Friday night was the Jeremy Wray Art Show. It was definitely the first time that Jereme Knibbs and Mark were in a straight up bar. They walked in, looked at the art, and walked out. I found them out front bored out of their minds

Thanks to Professor Schmitt for the lift over to the Art Show. He and Mark posed with the man of the hour, Jeremy Wray

Saturday morning was pretty mellow, so Mark and I headed over to the Costa Mesa Skate Park and got away with skating without helmets for about an hour. The last time I did that I got a $241 ticket

Saturday night was the IASC Hall of Fame Inductions at Vans Skate Park at The Block in Orange. We went to the "grown-up party" instead of heading to the Damn Am After-Party at Dave and Buster's. At least Mark got to meet the infamous Don Brown

L to R - Super-skateboard-nerd Adam Sullivan, R.P. from World, and Mark

Andy Mac is always down to bro-down and shoot a photo

Mike Fitzgerald from Transworld Skateboarding giving Mark "the business"

Mark was probably thinking, "Who are these old guys that Clem keeps introducing me to?" I'll tell you...I'm always hyped when I get to talk to Lance Mountain and John Lucero

Yet another skateboarder from the generation prior to mine that I have mad respect for. Mark is posing with Tod Swank and his lady friend

Leave it to Dave Swift to make fun of Mark with the bunny ears as Mark Waters looks extra jolly

On Sunday night I flew to rainy-ass, cold Portland and on Monday we drove up to Washington to see some family. That was the first time in Washington for me

It was raining and overcast all day, but the landscape was still amazing

To get from Portland, Oregon to Stevenson, Washington you can take a route to cross over the Bridge of the Gods. It costs $1 to pass over and it's pretty sketchy

You know that I had to get the usual "Welcome to" shot

On Tuesday afternoon, my good pal, Scott Koerner from Dakine, picked me up to go skate. There are so many parks in Portland, but the first one happened to be wet. Imagine that

It sure would have been fun to cruise around this one

The second place we hit was this really nice and brand new street plaza. Scott clears the gap on the smooth ground. I was feeling this place

We then made our way over to Glenhaven, where Scott promptly grinded this tight quarter. This place had a little bit of everything, but it was crowded and there were bikers all over the place

Homeward bound on Wednesday afternoon. At least Jenna remembered her WET WIPES!