Arrival in Holland for AmsterDamn Am 2010

Posted on Friday, July 9, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I'm here in Holland with the entire SPoTlight Productions crew minus that one guy who started a bar in Tampa and stayed home. We are here to watch a bunch of cleated mullets kick a ball into a box. Nah, actually, it's AmsterDamn Am where top two from this contest go straight to the Tampa Am Semi-Finals in December plus get all their bills paid to get there. Top 12 in all Damn Ams around the world get a spot allocated in the regular list of 200+ ams skating in Tampa at the end of the year. Here are a few random photos from our first few hours in Amsterdam.

Hippies go green here.
They redid the Park again as usual.
This is a real mind bender when you're rolling up a bank trying to hit something that's leaning into you. It's supposed to represent the front of a ship. Looking forward to seeing what's going to be done on this thing.
This park has the best ground ever. Plus, the birtch wood surface on the ramps is definitely the snappiest pop of all fake skate surfaces.
This thing looks dangerous as hell, unless you rip. Everyone in AmsterDamn Am rips so it won't be a problem.
The shop, complete with a beer tap.
It's funny they have these no smoking cigarette signs everywhere, but it's perfectly fine to light up the wacky weed anywhere.
You have to take a ferry from the main part of town to the Skatepark.
Amsterdam family truckster.
Girls on bikes - nice. Girls with superhero tights on - not so nice. When is this style going to go away in Europe?
An old Beetle on the streets.
There's a grocery store down the street that has ceilings like some cathedral or something. It's expensive to eat out here. This place will save you.
Heineken in Red Bull cans?
Young ladies on bikes everywhere not getting fat. Take note, America.
The street performer weirdos take it to a whole new level here. Come join us at Skatepark Amsterdam for check-in and practice all day today. The Street Qualifiers get going at 11am Saturday.