AmsterDamn Am 2010 Sunday

Posted on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 by Rob

Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek
Footage by Colin Clark

You know the punk group called US Bombs? This one is called US Moms. Alec, Spencer, Louie, and Curren's shaperones for the weekend.
The mic commentary about this kid being on vacation with his gear was amazing. Thanks for the entertainment.
It was super warm up there. Warm enough to make everyone, including DJ Wade, put on gear similar to the vacation kid the next day.
Skater Profile: DJ Wade
I wish bikes were the preferred method of transportation here in the United States of Fat America.
They're ready for this kickball thing tonight.
Reprezent Skate Shop, thanks for promoting our skateboard shindig.
Deep in some dark basement of a restaurant that serves all crepes, we had dinner and played with our food.
Skater Profile: Jason Rothmeyer
Then these four dudes checked out the 4Men cinema. Everyone looks real happy. Sorry I missed it.
An awesome home made Toy Machine shirt.
Clint Peterson joined in on the meron grabbing.
You have to see the sequence of Clint Peterson's meron.
Colin Clark can meron grab, too. Lookin' nerdy as hell in those cargo shorts and grapefruit sized wheels.
Skater Profile: Colin Clark
Vern Laird is down for the meron. Check the footage for another one that he tried. It's one of those bails where you accidentally land on your board. Somehow he still rode away.
Skater Profile: Vern Laird
Volcom fed us well all weekend. That's Jeb and his Hooters outfit.
One of everyone's new favorites with his skate style looking like full body cocaine jaw - Offir Karni.
Skater Profile: Offir Karni
It happens all around the world.
Nihilist killed it during the Best Trick. Check the animation here.
Man, that little kid on the left already has the clam digger cargos, unisex slippers, and handsome satchel. They are definitely born Euro here.
Tim Zom got the Zumiez Destroyer Award this time. In the middle of his run, he'd pull the craziest stuff that you didn't see him try all day.
Skater Profile: Tim Zom
Congrats to the top three - Alec Majerus, Louie Lopez, and Tiago Lemos Soares.
Skater Profile: Alec Majerus
I like how Vern has dubbed this trick, "The Rob Meronek." Maybe I should learn to do it super good like Eniz Fazliov.
Skater Profile: Eniz Fazliov
Tiago Lemos Soares - nollie frontside feeble. He was also doing hardflip fontside boardslide. It looked real good, unlike hardflip back lip, which is another trick to add to the list of moves that make me wanna puke.
Skater Profile: Tiago Lemos Soares
Tim Zom threw this in out of nowhere at the end of his run. Gap to smith to Zumiez Destroyer Award.
Skater Profile: Tim Zom
Alec Majerus flipped into nearly everything in his run like this back lip.
Skater Profile: Alec Majerus
Billy Hoogendyk beat his big brother Woody with smooth moves like this gap smith to switch crooks.
Skater Profile: Billy Hoogendyk
If you were in this crowd, thanks for coming to our skateboard shindig. See you all next year and around the world on our other travels.

Colin Clark's Footage from Sunday