Damn Am Volcom 2010 Photos and Video

Posted on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

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Curren Caples made the cut, but couldn't stick around for Sunday because he was off to Indonesia with the family for a surf trip. He can probably do these frontside flip lipslides on a surfboard, too.
Skater Profile: Curren Caples
We first met Matt Fisher while freezing to death during the DC King of Chicago Contest. Thanks for coming to Damn Am, Matt. That's a frontside feeble.
Skater Profile: Matt Fisher
Years ago I remember Riley Hawk getting last place in a Damn Am. It's happened to all kinds of people who rip like Corey Duffel and Sammy Baca. Sometimes you're just over it or not into skating a contest. Other times, you're on it. This weekend, Riley was on it and qualified 2nd on Friday. We got to see him skating all day Sunday because of that.
Skater Profile: Riley Hawk
I like the nice surprise of a little kid turning out to skate almost like a grown man. Zach Saraceno here had a good looking hardflip down the stairs.
Skater Profile: Zach Saraceno
Every morning, anyone standing around was issued a broom to do sweepers like your dad in the bowl. The course was soaked and needed all the help it could get to dry as quickly as possible each morning. Jereme Knibbs, don't be doing any sweeper tricks until you're 45.
Skater Profile: Jereme Knibbs
This was Piro Sierra's first time in California. Get to work, son.
Skater Profile: Piro Sierra
Ryan Dillow said being out here and skating the Contest was "an eye opener." Maybe he didn't realize he'd be on the maintenance crew, too.
Skater Profile: Ryan Dillow
Devin Bagnoli aka Baby Bledsoe probably never swept a day in his life until his first time here in California.
Skater Profile: Devin Bagnoli
Jacob from the SPoT Maintenance Department was here to get a taste of California and the Damn Am, too.
Skater Profile: Jacob Krajewski
Porpe probably has a better chance at a sweeper than a back disaster.
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
Chase Webb is just anxious to skate and will do any and all sweeping needed.
Skater Profile: Chase Webb
As you can see by the amount of names he has, Joao Pedro de Souza came all the way from Brazil. That's a nollie frontside crooked grind.
Skater Profile: Joao Pedro de Souza
Oscar Meza got really good since the last time we saw him. He's on the Girl flow program now and it shows. That's a 360 flip.
Skater Profile: Oscar Meza
Carlos Lastra - 360 flip.
Skater Profile: Carlos Lastra
Anthony Amedori was in Macho Taildrop. This here is a macho blunt fakie.
Skater Profile: Anthony Amedori
A small part of the line-up.
Steve Stratton from Volcom and Mark Appleyard. Thanks for checking out the Contest.
Skater Profile: Mark Appleyard
The sun was harsh for most of the day.
Skater Profile: Jason Rothmeyer
Colin Clark is doing all the video footage. He's also moving to Tampa next month and will be pointing that lens at you here at our crusty spots soon.
Skater Profile: Colin Clark
We don't exactly skate like superheros.
Batman probably has a better front board.
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
The Stone on a Bertlemann slide.
Skater Profile: Remy Stratton
Captain Sidepipe was a judge.
Skater Profile: Alex Moul
Brian Young was a judge, too.
Superman has those back tails on lock.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Vern Laird, Porpe, Alex Moul, Jason Rothmeyer, Brian Howard, Mike Sinclair, Ryan Clements, Brian Young, DJ Wade, and Brian Schaefer.
While everyone else's costume was physically uncomfortable due to the heat, mine was socially uncomfortable due to dudes doing a double take at my "tits." Awkward, but sure got a lot of laughs.
If you wore a costume with us, thanks for being a part of our circus.
Volcom provided a damn good buffet each day as usual.
You didn't know penguins had tree truck calves like that.
Skater Profile: Andrew Cannon
Flash blowout on some skate girls that joined us in costume. Thanks!
Kechaud Johnson broke three boards this weekend. That's a 360 flip.
Skater Profile: Kechaud Johnson
Thanks for watching.
Anthony Estrada sure made an impression on everyone at his first Damn Am. That's a noseblunt slide.
Skater Profile: Anthony Estrada
I missed the sequence of Boo Johnson's amazing frontside nosegrind frontside shuv it out on the round rail. He has a good looking hardflip down the stairs, too.
Skater Profile: Boo Johnson
If I had Kevin Romar's hair, my afro would be like a beachball.
Skater Profile: Kevin Romar
Tommy's been skating Damn Am since 2005. He really made an impression this weekend, too. He rolled away from this backside noseblunt slide on the ledge every time, even when he wasn't fully locked in.
Skater Profile: Tommy Fynn
Kyle Walker has always been amazing to watch skate, whether it's a contest or not. He finally won one this weekend.
Skater Profile: Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker - back lip to fakie with extra lean extension.
Skater Profile: Kyle Walker
David Loy won Best Trick for coming in from this second story smith stall all the way down to the bank.
Skater Profile: David Loy
Superman, thank you for the super entertainment.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Geoff Rowley, thanks for hanging out all weekend.
Skater Profile: Geoff Rowley
Jay Adams and Christian Hosoi were here, too.
Skater Profile: Christian Hosoi
Tommy Fynn was the Zumiez Destroyer for this Damn Am stop.
Skater Profile: Tommy Fynn
The product toss was nuts. Thanks to your company if you sent promo to throw out. See you next year for the 11th.

Colin Clark Footage

Saturday at Damn Am: Sketchy banana going on tour through the crowd, ripping skating in the Qualifiers, and sketchy banana getting the wrath of Clem's wrasslin' moves.
Sunday at Damn Am: The Superfriends ran the show on Sunday as Kyle Walker, Louie Lopez, and Anthony Estrada ripped in the Finals to get top three. Thanks to Railroad to Alaska for playing during Best Trick. The 10th Annual Damn Am in a crusty parking lot is a wrap.