Tampa Am Friday 2010 Qualifiers and Damn Am Awards

Posted on Saturday, December 4, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek
Footage by Colin Clark and Joe Pelham

Last night was the Damn Am Awards at The Bricks. Before I rolled in with David Loy, I asked him about a special award he was hoping to get nominated for. Thanks for joining us for a great night of high fives with friends from around the world. See you tonight at the Superchunk show.
Here's a few minutes of ripping going down on Friday for the Street Qualifiers. Ever seen a crooked grind to nose manual on a rail? Clint Walker pulled it in his run.

Ishod Wair had this frontside 360 every time over the pyramid.
If you see Alex who works in the Shop today, wish her a happy 18th birthday.
Our medic has a pretty tight travel kit. Hopefully you never have to see it.
The decks are packed with skateboard talent.
I saw so many SPoT logos getting drilled into skin out at the Atomic Tattoos tent.
Thrasher of course was a popular one, too.
You all meet Keith Works as you enter the Park each day.
The Gatorade girls are complaining that the sk8rboiz are all too young for them. They're like cougars to these kids. Come back for the pro, ladies. They're all grow'd up then.
Find Sarah Hargis and Dre at The Bricks helping you get a bangin' meal and sauce.
MP3J Wade.
Vern's is in Team Manager mode this weekend with Bones. When there's a string of sort of dull runs, you can find him on Facebook.
Sarah got some SPoT ink - SPink? Sounds like a half/half oriental and spaniard, almost like me.
Jimmy Marchand's getting strength across the chest.
Brodie Penrod was one of the few hitting the difficult ledge. He was backside flipping out of these back tails around it.
Justin Brock was here to guzzle some free sauce, mow down some smokes, and back the DLX team.
Due to budget cuts, this is what we are all filming with.
More Thrasher tats.
Pause for a foot fetish with Justin Brock.
From one foot fetish to another straight to The Bricks. The Damn Am Awards are on.
Vern and Luis Tolentino are on a Bones trip right after Tampa Am. Watch for them in Miami soon.
David Loy, thanks for having dinner at our joint.
Your hosts for the awards tonight are these three guidos.
Cameo Wilson is skating today. Hope you weren't out too late last night.
Durke has probably had a busy week at The Bricks with everyone in town emptying out the kegs.
Tito from Team Pain is dreaming of long walks on the beach and beautiful carves in the bowl with his v-neck and flowers.
Food was flying out of the kitchen all night.
Thanks everyone for coming to The Bricks for the Damn Am Awards.
Rodent from The Skateboard Mag. Thanks for the Damn Am support over the years.
Double digital MP3J Wade.
Ethan Loy, Kevin Romar, and Dylan Perry.
Spencer Lau, thanks for showing up.
What's all that noise? It's the Pharmacy crew in the corner.
Tyson Bowerbank had the best trick all year - back smith backside 360 kickflip out.
Manny Santiago has the best attitude and best gratitude. Thanks for the nice words, Manny.
Manchild on the mic - thanks for the entertainment.
Rodney Johnson, thanks for bringing the Billabong crew.
Someone's celebrating something. I had to duck out and work.
Kyle Walker is the Zumiez Destroyer of the Year.
Manny Santiago and Vern with the budget frame awards we had to make last minute. Thanks Adam Kearly for the artwork.
Sturgill, save that mega-voice for the street Contest today.
It was heavy metal parking lot in front of The Bricks and SPoT Skate Shop Ybor. I'm out early to get some rest. I'll join the Party Team tonight. See you all out again.

Damn Am Awards 2010 Results

Damn Am of the Year
Alec Majerus - Get the full results here

Most Improved – Riley Hawk
Runner Up – Ethan Loy

Always in the Cut/Never in First – Dylan Perry
Runner Up – Norman Woods

CanadiAm – Paul Trep
Runner Ups – Micky Papa, Matt Berger

Damn Foreigner – Kieran Reilly
Runner Ups – Peter Molek, Colin Clark

Where You Been? We Missed You – Tommy Fynn

Came Out of Nowhere – Austyn Gillette
Runner Ups – Javan Campello, Anthony Estrada

Best Black Dude – Kevin Romar
Runner Ups – Kechaud Johnson, Cameo Wilson

Just for Showing Up – Spencer Lau
Runner Up – Luis Tolentino

Done Growed Up – Boo Johnson
Runner Ups – Elijah Berle

Best Trick All Year – Tyson Bowerbank – backside smith 360 ollie kickflip out

Best Attitude – Manny Santiago
Runner Up – Evan Smith, Luis Tolentino

Little Big Man – Ethan Loy
Runner Ups – Tyson Bowerbank, Curren Caples, Louie Lopez

I Love Trannies – Ben Hatchell
Runner Ups – David Loy, Curren Caples

Team Manager of the Year – Charlie Thomas
Runner Ups – Darin Howard, Steve Stratton

Zumiez Overall Destroyer – Kyle Walker
Runner Ups – Anthony Shultz, Shawn Hale