AmsterDamn Am 2011 Live Webcast

Posted on Saturday, July 2, 2011 by Rob

Top two (Ishod and Axel) from Saturday's AmsterDamn Am Qualifiers results go directly to the Finals. The remaining 28 skate the Semi-Finals where the top 10 make the cut to the Finals (including three more from my data entry mistake). You can view the whole thing live right here below.
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Footage from Saturday's Qualifiers

Semi-Finals Heats

Job Van Der Linden

Heat 1, 1st skater.
Circa, Area 51
Stance: G Age: 17 Hometown: Netherlands

Hermann Stene

Heat 1, 2nd skater.
Element, Volcom Europe, DC, Spifire, Independent
Stance: R Age: 18 Hometown: Norway

Daan vd Linden

Heat 1, 3rd skater.
Vans, Toy Machine, Pig, 100% Skate Shop, Area 51
Stance: G Age: 15 Hometown: Holland

Ruben Gamito

Heat 1, 4th skater.
Element Europe, Von Zipper, Number 9, Supra
Stance: R Age: 23 Hometown: Portugal

Douwe Macare

Heat 1, 5th skater.
etnies, Burnside Skateshop, Alien Workshop, Analog, Ogio, Skull Candy, Monster
Stance: G Age: 19 Hometown: Netherlands

Kris Vile

Heat 1, 6th skater.
Volcom Europe, Vans, Red Bull, Krux, FKD, Chima Ferguson, Clan 010
Stance: R Age: 12 Hometown: Birmingham England

Didrik Galasso

Heat 1, 7th skater.
DVS, Pig, Independent, Toy Machine, RVCA
Stance: R Age: 16 Hometown: Norway

Alec Majerus

Heat 1, 8th skater.
3rd Lair, Volcom, Vans (flow), Alien Workshop, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks
Stance: G Age: 16 Hometown: Rochester MN

Steven Webb

Heat 1, 9th skater.
Stereo, Ezekiel, Red Bull, Agency Board Shop
Stance: G Age: 20 Hometown: Highland CA

Gard Hvaara

Heat 1, 10th skater.
Indy, Volcom, Skull Candy, Aktivist, The Shop, Bones, Vox
Stance: R Age: 14 Hometown: Norway

Steffen Austerheim

Heat 1, 11th skater.
DC, Sessions Skate Shop, Habitat
Stance: G Age: 18 Hometown: Stavenger Norway

Eniz Fazliov

Heat 1, 12th skater.
Volcom Europe, Emerica, Alien Workshop, Destructo, Perus Wheels
Stance: G Age: 23 Hometown: Finland

Woody Hoogendyk

Heat 1, 13th skater.
Hard Core Skate Shop, Almost, Crail Trucks, eS, Quiksilver, Jessup, Skateboard Sweat Shop
Stance: R Age: 18 Hometown: Rijswijk Netherlands

Carlos Padilla

Heat 1, 14th skater.
Reverso Skateboards, DVS Mexico, Indy (flow), Hubba (flow), Arre! Bearings, Don Jose Clothing, Republica Skate Distribution
Stance: R Age: 19 Hometown: Aguascalientes Mexico

Andreas Welther

Heat 2, 1st skater.
Volcom (Europe), eS Footwear, Emellion Skateboards, Electric, Independent, Hall 11 Skate Shop
Stance: G Age: 26 Hometown: Reutlingen Germany

John Koetzier

Heat 2, 2nd skater.
Chocolate, Vans, Jessup, Super Fat Skate Shop
Stance: R Age: 22 Hometown: Amersfort Netherlands

Adrien Bulard

Heat 2, 3rd skater.
Autobahn Wheels, Nike SB, Quiksilver, Hawaii Surf Shop, enjoi
Stance: G Age: 19 Hometown: Rouen France

Juan Carlos Aliste

Heat 2, 4th skater.
Pride Skateboards, DC, Rusty, Vegas Hats, Diamond Skateshop
Stance: R Age: 18 Hometown: Chile

Dennis van der Klugt

Heat 2, 5th skater.
Brainwash Skateshop, Ongetemd Clothes, Globe
Stance: R Age: 19 Hometown: Arnhem

Kilian Zehnder

Heat 2, 6th skater.
Nike SB, Baker, Safari Clothing, Bones, Thunder, Network Skate Shop
Stance: R Age: 17 Hometown: Switzerland

Shajen Willems

Heat 2, 7th skater.
Nike SB, Backside 540 Shop, Homemade Skateboards, Indy, Ricta, Adfita
Stance: G Age: 22 Hometown: Dordrecht Netherlands

Dan Plunkett

Heat 2, 8th skater.
HUF, Spitfire, Thunder, Elwood Clothing, Sunday, Skate Mental, Stratosphere
Stance: R Age: 26 Hometown: Buffalo NY

Kevin Tshala

Heat 2, 9th skater.
Homemade, Nike SB, Zumiez skatepark & shops, Silver, New Era, LRG, Dakine
Stance: G Age: 21 Hometown: Belgium

Daryl Dominguez

Heat 2, 10th skater.
Vans, Almost, Dephect Clothing, Monster Energy
Stance: R Age: 20 Hometown: London England

Tim Zom

Heat 2, 11th skater.
Ben G, The Hundreds, Skate Mental, Nike SB
Stance: G Age: 23 Hometown: Rotterdam Netherlands

Joao Miguel Bravin

Heat 2, 12th skater.
Crail, AgacĂȘ, DC Brasil
Stance: G Age: 22 Hometown: Belo Horizonte Brazil

Tom Kleinschmidt

Heat 2, 13th skater.
etnies, Almost, Destructo, RVCA, 1952 Skate Shop, Darkstar
Stance: ? Age: 21 Hometown: Germany

Peter Molek

Heat 2, 14th skater.
Volcom Europe, Zero, DC, Independent Trucks
Stance: G Age: 26 Hometown: Zvolen Slovakia

Ricardo Paterno

Heat 2, 15th skater.
eS, Matix, Expedition, Spitfire, Thunder, FKD, Left Skate Shop
Stance: R Age: 23 Hometown: Rotterdam Netherlands

Arnost Ceral

Heat 2, 16th skater.
Horsefeathers, Osiris, Nixon, AWS, Reflex, Street Market
Stance: G Age: 23 Hometown: Prague Czech Republic

Robbin de Wit

Heat 2, 17th skater.
DC, Sevenply Skateshop, Royal, Girl, Bones
Stance: G Age: 20 Hometown: Gouda Netherlands