Damn Am Atlanta Presented by Nike SB 2012 Finals and Skullcandy Best Trick

Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012 by Porpe

Photos and Words by Porpe

Footage by Joe Pelham

Hazard County Skatepark has some DIY concrete addition to the back area of their park. We need some of this at SPoT.
Chris Jata - nollie halfcab heelflip.
Dylan Perry - nosegrind.
Markus Jalaber stomped this heelflip on another person's board. He broke two boards throughout the weekend. The first one he broke during his Semi-Finals Jam, and the second one broke during Best Trick. Someone needs to hook this kid up with some boards!
Piro Sierra - frontside bluntslide.
Not only was Justin Brock the guest judge at Red Bull's Mind the Gap Contest. He was also hanging out all weekend at Hazard County Skatepark for our Damn Am Contest. Thanks for kicking it with us Brock!
Curren Caples doing a grown ass man boneless.
Curren Caples - kickflip crooks.
Yonnie Cruz - switch crooks.
This is just a small sample of tricks that Auby Taylor did during his Finals Jam that won him the Contest. In five minutes he fell only twice and landed about 20 tricks. Here he is doing a switch heelflip.
Auby Taylor - nollie backside heelflip.
Auby Taylor - fakie backside tailslide.
If I am not mistaken, Justin Vinson was unable to skate the rest of the Finals Jam because he landed funny on his ankle doing this tre flip lipslide.
Jereme Knibbs - cab wall jam.
Luke Hampton - kickflip over the whole damn skate park.
Yonnie Cruz - switch bigspin.
Dan Corrigan - smith grind bigspin out.
Corey Glick won the Skullcandy Best Trick Contest with this kickflip backside noseblunt.
Congratulations Corey Glick for winning the Skullcandy Best Trick. You can find the official results here.
The judges were a fan of Dan Corrigan, and granted him the Zumiez Destroyer Award.
Big thanks to Jona for providing a great park for us to run our Contest, and to Cullen over at Red Bull for holding down the sound with the MXT.
Another big thanks goes out to our friends Bob Reynolds and Scuba Steve over at Nike SB for supporting Damn Am Atlanta and everything we do at Skatepark of Tampa.
Here are our top three for Damn Am Atlanta 2012 Presented by Nike SB. For official results go here.

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