Day 1 Damn Am Shanghai 2012

Posted on Thursday, August 23, 2012 by Porpe

Photos/Words By Porpe

I am a Colombian going to China from Florida. When I put those words together in my head it sounds like the beginning of a really bad joke, or a good drug lord movie. There are plenty of things that can go wrong for me while I am out here in Shanghai, China. I am prone to losing things, so what would happen if I lost my passport? Or, what if I got arrested for something stupid like possession of marijuana? I mean, it has happened to me before, but never outside of the US. I am going to try and keep it that way. The first 24 hours in China have been eventful. From roaming the streets at night, to watching three of my favorite pros put on one hell of a Demo, I can't wait to see what the next three days have in store for me.

After one of the longest flights of my life, it was nice to get to the hotel and find these two young ladies singing some good ole American hits.
I got settled in my hotel room, and then I was off to explore the city of Shanghai. I had to try some of the sketchy street meat.
I am hoping to get a update with that guy on the screen.
Colin is getting friendly with the locals. Not sure if she is feeling it.
It was nighttime and it wasn't raining, so I am not too sure why an umbrella is being used.
Maybe the umbrella was for keeping dry from the random people who piss on the sidewalk.
The next day it was off to work. Here is an overview of the course. I wasn't here last year, but from what the skaters been telling me, they really enjoy this year's course better than last. CA Rampworks sure knows how to design a skate park.
I don't know if you can tell from the prior photo, but finding the right line to be able to ollie this gap was not easy.
Omar Salazar - ollie from the hip to frontside wall bash.
Omar Salazar finding new obstacles and backside tailsliding them with ease.
Okay, this is the last Omar photo from the Demo. Here he front blunts all the way up the ledge.
If you are wondering who is that Kurt Cobain looking fella doing a lipslide into that tight quarter pipe, it is the one and only Stefan Janoski.
Stefan Janoski - switch crooks to regular.
Eric Koston. Need I say more.
Eric Koston shut down the demo with this impossible up the step-up.
When the Demo was over, it was time to go to the Opening Ceremonies for the Festival of Sports. We waited a while to get general admission tickets, but some how we ended up back stage.
All the athletes were introduced one by one onto stage. Theotis Beasley, Eric Koston, Omar Salazar, and Stefan Janoski were put on the same level as Lebron James.