Damn Am Atlanta 2013 Presented by DVS

Posted on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

What a weekend at Damn Am Atlanta. From the road trip to the skating to the new friends and old ones, I hope you had as much fun as I did. Thanks to DVS, Red Bull, and all the other sponsors that contributed to making yet another Damn Am event that leaves us wanting more. I like to re-live the weekend through my photos...
Paul Zitzer, Paul Shier, and Pat Stiener with a Static trilogy lineup.
Zack Wallin with a front feeble on the bump to spine. That's a pretty interesting combo of new and old skateboard props.
Jona is the chief at Hazard County Skatepark. Thanks for letting us take over your building for the weekend.
I like how Paul Zitzer kept calling this the rollerblader jump. They love stuff like this. It's good for tranny blasters and grabbers, too. Dalton Dern hucked it all weekend over this thing.
Jereme Knibbs makes everything look good, even the fruit boot catapult. That's a half cab over it.
Chris Coffman - stale fish over the hip.
Of course, there's mad meron grabbing going down over that thing. Bud Howard's arm looks like it should have a pirate hook on the end of it with that full sleeve fresh bandage.
Tyson Peterson needs a shoe hook up.
More hucks to grab over the blader cannon.
Schaefer directs the judges, Bob, Pat, and Casey, before things get going.
The Qualifiers could not have ended any better with Zeke and the entire building chanting his name on that ollie into the quarter.
There was a decent amount of girls hanging out. Thanks for coming!
Jona and the Hazard Crew fed us all day with roadkill patties.
BBQ chicken came from the grill all weekend, too.
I didn't see his Jam, but I was surprised when Marcos Montoya didn't make the cut. I wonder what happened there. Next time, Marcos! His sister is documenting him like a pro right now.
Thanks for coming ya'll.
Jereme Knibbs - fakie crook, pop out on the bank to wall.
Anthony Williams is an ATL local. Good seeing you again, Anthony. Thanks for hanging out and skating.
Dylan Perry - tailslide right here from the quarter pipe back there.
The Red Bull Best Trick was one of the most hectic I've seen in a long time. Yoshi threaded traffic to get this big flip over the rail. Look how much clearance that is!
The Best Trick landing pad.
Schaefer got the wrath of the old "don't judge a book/hippie by its cover" when he got on the mic and offered this guy $50 for a kickflip, thinking he likely couldn't even push. Turns out he has not just a kickflip, but a kickflip late shuv.
Here's to all the little filmer and photo kids documenting everything in skateboarding and one day growing up to be the ones that share everything that goes on from the streets to the parks. Ya'll remind me of myself as a kid embarrassing my friends by filming everything on my VHS cam, making rap vidoes, fake commercials, and of course skate videos. I'm glad the internet didn't exist back then. Keep killing it, baby nerds.
Red Bull Best Trick winners. Andre did a frontside tailslide frontside 270 out on the hubba to shut it down.
There were some ripping mini-ramp sessions out back.
Kanaan Dern with a big jump over the flat bar.
It wouldn't be a set of my photos without a Who Dat - frontside hurricane.
Ryan Cooper - kickflip frontside 50-50.
Tyler Hunger and his hardflips are growing up fast.
Cris Lesh made the cut in his first Damn Am this weekend. That's a switch heel.
Christian Dufrene - bigspin front board.
Ty Peterson is part of the ripping Canadian crew that was down here. He's got frontside nosegrind 180 out every time.
Jayden is one of my new favorite Canadians. Thanks for coming to another one. That's a frontside 180 switch crook.
Jayden - kickflip boardslide.
Eli Williams - backside noseblunt.
Reggie Kelly was a standout for sure this weekend.
Dylan Perry - frontside nosegrind across.
Jake Sykes, thanks for thinning out the heavy sausage density with a few females to mix on.
Magic Mike with his crazy kit and lap dance pants ripped and entertained us all weekend long from dance moves in the crowd to hardflip backside lipslides on the rail.
Maybe we won't give out Skatepark of Tampa lighters to kids next time.
Jereme Knibbs - backside ollie for the masses.
I hope your squad had as much fun as our squad did this weekend. Thanks again to everyone that got crewed up and came here.
Yoshi pulled the rare move of getting 1st in the Qualifiers and then getting 1st in the Finals.
It's amazing how Yoshi has the laser flip on lock.
We haven't seen Kevin Braun since we met at King of Chicago back in 2009. He came to Damn Am this weekend for the first time and killed it, ending up in 3rd in the Finals. That's a switch frontside flip. Kevin, see you at Tampa Am!
We didn't have enough time to shoot a better one with no hands down, but when the combo is this nuts, you can't complain. A backside tailslide to backside flip 360 out on transition is insane.
Pause for a Yoshi autograph while we shoot this sequence.
Casey is our Skatepark of Tampa Marketing Department, Van Commander, Team Manager, and more. Thanks for getting us all out here for Damn Am Atlanta.
Thanks Brian for the beers, microphone entertainment, and the dedication, drive, and vision to create events like Damn Am.
Dan Plunkett and Stratosphere got a Thanks for Nothing Award.
Bob's homie broke a leg this weekend. That's good enough for a Thanks for Nothing Award.
Thanks Paul Shier and the DVS crew for everything this weekend.
Jona, we are having the party next year in the Yoga Room. Get a disco ball.
John Hill got the Zumiez Destroyer Award.
Thank you all again for being a part of what we're doing with Damn Am and Skatepark of Tampa.
Congrats Yoshi for winning Damn Am Atlanta Presented by DVS. Check out a few clips of how he won it here.

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