Damn Am Los Angeles 2013: Arrival in LA and Construction

Posted on Friday, May 31, 2013 by Rob

Travis from Nike SB, thanks for letting us take over your facility for the weekend. Joe and Brian are straight into SPoT Life filming mode.
Practice is less than 24 hours from now, but the concrete is still drying. Not a problem, California Skateparks is getting it done.
Not sure what's going on outside.
I hope you're one of these 450. If not, watch live right here on Sunday for the Semi-Finals and Finals.
Joe forgets things more than the average person. He might have forgotten I took this photo.
Now we're at Salman's pizza place, Pizzanista. Over 10 years ago, Salman was in a van with us going up and down the west coast where we started this whole Damn Am thing and turned it into what it is today.
Thanks to Steve and Eric, we were able to roll through The Berrics for a bit. I've never been to the new one. Tonight is the Battle at the Berrics Finals.
HiDefJoe supports the "no filming allowed" rule. He gets to skate the whole time.
Good to see you, Danny.
There is and endless supply of good ground here. That's HiDefJoe on a back lip.
Mikey Taylor was here. DC is having a wear test thing tonight for Nyjah's new shoe.
Thanks again, ya'll. Looking forward to BATB tonight.
Meanwhile, back at our hotel room, it's got a very "open" design.
After a long day of work and play finding restaurants closed, we ended up at The Pantry in downtown LA. Apparently, the place has never closed in like 100 years. You can get a lumberjack style breakfast anytime here.
It seems like there's always something skate related going on in LA. We heard about this film festival at the Cha Cha Lounge so we stopped by for some beers and independent skate videos. Casey ran into Chris who he met skating in Tampa recently. Chris just moved to California and loves it as you'd expect for the weather and the skate spots.
The bar was packed and is one of the few bars in California that makes me feel like I'm still in Florida. It's nice and crusty.
It's now a very early morning for us as we've just arrived at the completed Sixth and Mill Facility where doors and practice are getting started at noon today.
There isn't a single mark on any of this stuff.
There aren't even wheel marks on the ground.
This giant shoe box is a legit manny pad.
My caveman boardslide is about to be the first marks on this rail.
I don't really have any marks I can put here. I'll save that for you.
See you here at noon today. If you can't make it, follow along with SPoT Life episodes and live online right here at skatparkoftampa.com on Sunday.