Damn Am Los Angeles 2013 Qualifiers

Posted on Sunday, June 2, 2013 by Rob

SPoT Life: Saturday at Damn Am Los Angeles

Lance Mountain stopped by while Scuba Steve brought in a crew of Nike ams.
Schaefer, HiDefJoe, and Steve Berra. We had a laugh about how this photo makes it look like he's on a scooter.
Professor Paul Schmitt is like the Elon Musk of skateboarding.
I love the gadgetry.
The S&M manny pad is nice and old guy friendly.
Gabe Spotts with a back smith.
PIP and Pharmacy are always backing what we do. Thanks for coming to all these Damn Ams and killing it. That's a front smith on the bump to ledge.
Trevor's in the Golden Ticket spot after throw downs like this backside noseblunt slide today.
Meanwhile outside, Jake Anderson is getting creative.
Trevor Colden - backside noseblunt slide.
Berronte Ramirez just got on DGK and Gold yesterday. You'll see him reading the rules at BATB, too. Baby Don King is killing it.
Gage Boyle - kickflip frontside boardslide.
This hardflip frontside noseslide by Rykeis Tyson was one of the best looking tricks I saw today.
The Anderson family, Jake, Mike, and three year old daughter. What a ripping family.
Dude got caught in a frontside nosepick there. Pizzanista hooked up everyone in the Contest with free slices. Thanks!
Vitamin Water kept us all unthirsty and diluted the dude ratio, too.
Taylor Jett with a bump to smith grind.
Boo Johnson - noseblunt slide.
Grip tape crafts in the courtyard by Spank.
One of those couples that make you all jelly: DJ Wade and Maggie.
Joey was there with Andale and documenting burritos.
Dominick Walker is about to shuv it out of this bump to noseblunt slide.
Another ripping family, Gabe Clement and son with Brian Schaefer who needs a son. Ladies, step up.
Carlos Lastra has a nosegrind up and down. That's his move.
Yuri got second place in the Independent Best Trick with this hardflip backside 50-50 on the rail. Matt got first with a kickflip frontside hurricane.
Everyone loves a product toss. Catch all this live at 11am PST today. Thanks for tuning in.