Damn Am Los Angeles 2013 Sunday

Posted on Monday, June 3, 2013 by Rob

Christian Hosoi stopped by to support his rider Taylor Jett who ripped on Saturday and ended up making the cut to Sunday.
This firehead girl has a good kickflip as you can see on SPoT Life.
If you're going to have some urethane on your rig, you should get some Bones Wheels.
Thanks to girlfriends, or girlfriend applicants, for hanging out and watching all weekend.
If you're in this crowd, we thank you for coming to another one of our skateboard shindigs.
I've seen Rodrigo Peterson here at Sixth and Mill both times I've been here.
Just when you thought you were completely on top of your pony tail and man-bun game, you get to LA and find it's on a whole new level you never knew existed.
You know what Jared is filming right here if you saw the Saturday SPoT Life edit.
Paul Zitzer and Dune were your digital hosts for the broadcast.
It was nice and comfortable watching from outside on the big screens and picnic tables.
Catch Casey every Thursday on our Instagram for SPoT Wheel Bite where a quick comment will get you some gear. He runs it even when we're out of town. This wheels has more airline miles than you.
Is Caio Notaro on a skate date? I hope so.
Thanks to all you junior digital ninjas out there documenting and sharing the good times and great skating.
John Alden from Deluxe and Ishod were in the crowd.
I watched a little bit of the Contest through these binoculars.
That's Erica Yary's sister there on the left. Nice to see she's also a skateboard fan.
Nassim got the Zumiez Destroyer Award for this stop.
You can see a few clips of how Dylan Williams won. Congrats to Trevor, Dylan, and Nassim for rounding out the top three. Dylan also got the Golden Ticket on Saturday with first place there, too.
The age variance in the product toss is just as crazy as the age variance in skateboarding participation. Thanks again for coming and watching online, ya'll.

Visting the Broadcast Nerds and a History Lesson on Street Plants

Not everything we film ends up in SPoT Life. I've got a couple clips I pulled out of HiDefJoe's trash that didn't make the edit. I stopped by to see my nerds at the live broadcast truck and then caught up with Marcos Montoya to give him some history on inverts and street plants. I've also got a bunch of chill shots from Sunday. Thanks again to everyone that was a part of Damn Am Los Angeles.