Damn Am China, 2013: Day 1 and 2

Posted on Saturday, August 17, 2013 by HiDefJoe

Photos By Rob Meronek and Brian Schaefer.
Words By HiDefJoe
We are at The Ritz-Carlton here in Shanghai and they have a ritual that cuts right through the lobby with some candles and some funny outfits.
Right outside the hotel doors, you have your fishing pond and a very popular western coffee choice.
We ventured out in the streets of Shanghai and found these mobile DJ's trying to make some R&B selling some pretty awful mix tapes.
Pause for a SPoT Life intro.
It was very common to see way to many people on one scooter. So sketchy.
This dude was jamming out at this rad skate spot with some cement doughnuts.
Paul Zitzer got a nose wheelie on one of the doughnuts.
Thanks Rob Meronek for the overkill ollie photo.
You can grind this baby hubba right into a refreshing beverage, here in Shanghai.
As we headed back for the night, we had to get a quick session on the perfect double set right outside of our hotel. Thanks again Rob for the photo.
The next morning we all met up with our tour guide and host with the most, Jonny Tang for some digital skate spot scouting. Jonny had an endless list of amazing skate spots around the area. He also rips on a board as well. Thanks for the hospitality, Jonny!
Overview of the Damn Am City Jam course.
SPoT production crew does China: DJ Wade, Rob, Rothmeyer, James Craig, Myself, and China's best tour guide, Johnny Tang.
We showed up at the contest spot where we broke in the new course with some skateboarding maneuvers. Here's Zitzer with a feeble grind, filming for SPoT Life.
After we got a few tricks in at the park, we skated up the river where there was miles of skate spots and interesting structures along the way.
Paul Zitzer with a fake ass back tail. James Craig didn't care though, he's just hyped to be in China! This was just one of the many spots along the river.
Johnny Tang with a long-ass nose manual that became a 4-trick line on accident. Make sure to watch the SPoT Life episode to see what he did.
You really want to listen to this sign. This water is beyond sketchy. Your hand might rot away if you go digging for lucky coins.
Mr. Craig enjoying the view of the sketchy river water.
The heat was brutal with barely any shade. Sun screen was a must for us Americans.
At the next skate spot, we interrupted this security guard's nap in the insane heat. How could you sleep like this!?
It's scooter city here.
Rob called this the "Terminator" visor.
There are security guards everywhere on the streets of Shanghai, but they don't really do much. If they do try to kick you out, its just a weird, awkward confrontation. The end result is them just uttering words at you in Chinese as you skate around them.
This guy had a change of heart and helped us clean the spot off so I could get yet another ollie photo.
I need to learn another trick. But until then, #sorryforollieing. That wraps up our first two days here in Shanghai. Thank you, Nike SB, for making this happen and stay tuned for more coverage to come.