Damn Am Shanghai: SPoT Life and Photos

Posted on Friday, August 23, 2013 by HiDefJoe

Words By HiDefJoe

Photos By Rob Meronek and Brian Schaefer

It's Saturday now and we're starting the City Jam Am series. The beer in Shanghai is pretty low in alcohol content compared to the states, so leave it up to DJ Wade to solve that problem. Zitzer supplies the mixer, an un-carbonated RedBull.
Here are the winners from the City Jam Am Finals: Mi Xiao Jun for first, Wang Di for second, and Wang Huai Hsuan for third.
The next day after the City Jam Am contest, we hit the streets to get a little skating and filming in for SPoT Life. Here's Johnny Tang with a nollie back heel which turned in to a nice line later that day.
After sweating our asses off, we hit the sketchy street markets for some shopping. This dude right here was slangin' some fresh coconut water.
Apple apparently is now expanding into the pantyhose industry here in Shanghai.
We made it back to the contest to start the Pro division. Wang Di took 2nd the day before in the Am division and also snuck a smith grind in before the Pros took over.
Jonny Tang filmed a few tricks for SPoT Life, chauffeured us around town and then skated the Pro division all in one day. He really is a jack of all trades and a master of all of them.
Us Americans stuck out like a sore thumb here.
The Pro division is underway and Lu Hung Chen aka Adde is starting things off with a stylish backside tailslide on the bump to ledge.
Here's Hu Tian You aka Jeremy with a backside crooked grind up the setup rail.
Chen Chiwen aka Fatty had the crook as well.
Ke Chia En - crooked on the bump to ledge.
Wang Huifeng - Frontside board slide up the rail.
Luk Chun Yin with a nice nollie heel over the bump to bump.
Chen Chiwen aka Fatty - Benihana
It looked like the Super Bowl halftime show thanks to the AV crew here in Shanghai.
Ke Chia En - Inward Heel
Li Zhi Xin was a fan favorite. Here's a frontside tail up the setup rail.
The contest is over and now it's on to best trick. It was pretty hectic out there.
Wang Huifeng took home the Zumiez Destroyer Award. Thank you Zumiez for being a part of Damn Am.
Skullcandy Trophy girls.
The crowd became a little hectic so security created the great human wall of China.
Best trick goes top Wang Guo Hua. He received a nice $500 travel voucher from Zumiez.
Li Zhi Xin celebrating his second place win with a champagne swig.
Brian Peacock killed it in the finals and takes first place.
Here's your top 3, Brian Peacock for first, Li Zhi Xin for second, and Daniel Jason Leung for third. Thank you Nike SB for having us host this amazing event yet again. See ya'll next year.