Damn Am Woodward West Photos: Days 1 & 2

Posted on Sunday, October 6, 2013 by Sebastian

Words and Photos by Frank Branca

We got to Woodward early Friday morning, and ran into Gary Ream. Thanks for having us, Gary!
Day consists of registration and practice. I think Tyson Bowerbank won practice with this head high Ollie impossible.
David Bo blasting an Ollie
This is Brittany. She is a camp resident and staff member who helped make sure everything was kept in check during registration.
Rene Serrano and his family. It's always great to see families come out for support.
Fabian Irvin was hyped!
Please skate board? Felipe Gouveia had no problem skating with this nose slide into the bank.
That's a wrap for day one.
Back at the editing room, Sebastian and HiDefJoe are hard at work.
Dailybs is quick to get an early morning Insta shot.
Thanks Linnea for being an amazing host!
Chris Drysen - hurricane
DJ Blair Alley
Tampa crew.
Kevin Bradley grinding up the hubba.
Blake Johnson cracked the concrete and qualified fourth.
I think she's coming for your job, HiDefJoe.
Jon Gagleon - fs blaster right in front of the judges.
Nicest dude Cyril Jackson.
Rene has some crazy tricks. I think this is a varial heel.
Dylan Perry with a hippie jump
Kevin Bradley and Alex Midler.
Berronte Ramirez is a rad little dude with a big fs feeble.
Derek Elmendorf - sick barley grind to forward
Cyril killa bs noseblunt.
New Baker am Tristan Funkhouser - wallie bs smith. Reynolds knows how to pick 'em.
The crew with the top two qualifiers Dylan Williams and Anthony Estrada.
The only girl in the contest, Alana Smith almost took $100 from Schafer's and $100 from Neal Hendrix on her first 540. Next year, Alana.
Mats Hatlem came out all the way from Norway for our vert contest.
Evan Doherty shut down the vert contest.
Neal Hendrix with the future of vert skating.