Damn Am Woodward West Photos: Day 3

Posted on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 by Sebastian

Words and Photos by Frank Branca

The Lodge at Woodward West was our home for the weekend. Not bad waking up to this view every morning.
We had to make a tourist stop and check out the mega ramp.
The wind was gnarly on Friday and Saturday, but when we arrived Sunday the weather was perfect.
Thanks to the Woodward staff for feeding us all weekend!
The crew would get a quick session in at the hanger every morning before the contest started.
Our tech wizard Sebastian handled registration all weekend.
James Craig - fs heelflip before getting on the mic.
Leandre Sanders, the man with no stance.
These dudes rule. Thanks for having us Neal, and thanks for bringing out the DC crew, Jimmy!
Cyril qualified 7th but bummed out his ankle and had to sit out during the semi-finals.
Alex Hancock took Cyril's spot in the semi-finals.
Blake Johnson blasting a tuck knee.
Dylan is setting up for a nollie flip out of this crooked grind.
These guys killed it all weekend. James Craig, Paul Zitzer, and Blair Alley.
Sean Imes had this bs lip to fakie every try.
Tyson Bowerbank - bs flip
The spectator media squad was in full effect.
Adriano Lachovski, the nicest dude in the contest, holding it down for Brazil.
Thanks to all the parents that stuck it out with us all weekend.
Corey Glick had this bs overcrook every try.
HiDefJoe capturing the weekend while OG SPoT residents look on at the madness on the course.
Anthony Estrada's family was hyped on his run.
TFunk - five-o to switch crook.
Chase Webb blasting over the channel.
Independent Best Trick contest went off. Tyson Bowerbank won with a feeble bigflip out.
Top two before the results were announced.
Thanks to the Pharmacy crew for always supporting our events.
The DC crew was also rolling deep all weekend.
Thanks to Neal, Linnea, and the rest of the Woodward staff for the amazing hospitality!
Tristan Funkhouser won the Zumiez Destroyer Award for killing it all weekend with an insane bag of tricks.
Top three: Chase Webb, Tyson Bowerbank, and Anthoney Estrada.
Thanks to Matix, The Skateboard Mag, Bones, Dakine, Foundation, and Toy Machine for hooking up the product toss.
No better way to end the day than a bonfire and beer on the mountain.
Woodward West: what an amazing place. Thanks for everything - we'll be back next year!