SPoT Life: Volcom Damn Am - Day 1

Posted on Friday, April 11, 2014 by Sebastian

Photos and words by Mikah Collins.
Video by Frank Branca.
Paul not only held it down at the DVS bus all day, but has destroyed every parking lot obstacle that Volcom has to offer today.
Tiago Lemos flew over the rail and locked in with this nollie feeble.
Anthony Anaya locked into this hurricane in about 3 tries.
Jayden Ty Bono - Noseblunt.
Henry Gartland back 180 nose grind.
Gerardo Bejarano blasting a nollie heel.
Damn Am Costa Mesa party crew. DJ Wade and Volcom master minds.
Tyler Mumma & Steve Stratton putting some TLC in the 2014 awards.
Steve's stoked on the outcome.
Franky Villani shut the best trick obstacle down for practice. Here's a smooth nose blunt.
Chris Bell seen here tossing his care to the wind. Effortless feeble.
Trophies are complete and look Damn good. Qualifiers begin tomorrow. Stay tuned to our Instagram @SPoTTampa for onsite updates throughout the day, and check tomorrow for a full recap.