SPoT Life: Volcom Damn Am - Day 2

Posted on Saturday, April 12, 2014 by Sebastian

Photos and words by Mikah Collins, Casey Wayne, and Brian Schaefer.
Video by Frank Branca.
Paul Shier welcoming the crew to qualifiers today. One of the nicest dudes out.
Frank's ready for the day with the Red Cam!
Steve putting the extra slide on the ledge. Keep em slidin' Steve!
Sometimes sketchy business, but never bad music with DJ Wade.
We got Volcom’s security to hold down the registration. Thanks fellas.
Tislam Smith - Kickflip to back lip.
Yoshi Tanenbaum - Noseblunt
Caleb Bagley - Bluntslide
Tyler Amucha - Backside tailslide
Alex Midler - Backside 270 to lip
Tislam Smith - Bluntlside
Brendon Villanueva - Boneless to board
Tislam Smith - Back 180 to nosegrind
Tre Williams - Back Noseblunt
Andy Anderson - Airwalk
Gary Rogers hosting Damn Am edits for Volcom and just paid Kevin White a visit.
Steve Miller from Zumiez and Paul Shier from DVS enjoying a birds eyes view.
Our happy hosts, James Craig and Andrew Cannon ruling it nice guy style all day.
Pat Nagy and Tyler Mumma from Black Label. Tyler is our host building and handling our needs here, so thanks Tyler!
Derek Elmendorf, Nick Zizzo, and Timmy Knuth chillin' with Brenden Villanueva photo bombing.
Franky Villani - Frontside Feeble
Kevin Bradley - Backside heelflip
Dalton Dern kicking off the stone.
Someone had to do it - Jonathan Henderson with a benihana
Kevin White - Front tail to fakie
Oscar Meza - Backside flip
Austin Heilman - tucked front feeble
Dylan Witkin - walljam to bank
Austin Lenahan - Gap to back tail slide
Anthon Anaya - 180 switch crooks to regular
Micky Papa - Kickflip to crooks
Lawrence held it down next to the SPoT tent spraying up some fresh grips and giving new life to some old grips.
Hope from Volcom held down the SPoT tent for the weekend. Thanks for all the help and keeping the kids hooked up on SPoT goods!
Paul Shier and James Craig discussing qualifiers during a judges break, accompanied by James newly adopted pup, Jack Lewis Daniels. He came across the dog at a SPoT and is now locked into a custody battle with Youness Armani.
Mike Sinclair, Jason Rothmeyer and Andrew Cannon taking a break from judging to get some pizza and social media in.
Thomas Kring from Copenhagen paid us a visit with his lovely wife Rekke, and daughters Billy-Lee and Coco Leva
Pizzanista and Salman Agah has a posse! Serving up great pizza all weekend.
Chany and Dylan Witkin from Expedition.
Andrew Cannon and Jack Lewis Daniels chillin.
The level of skating today was amazing. With qualifiers over, the judges overlook the scores for the day in prep for announcing the results. Follow us @SPoTTampa for live updates tomorrow from the semis and finals and check right here at for the results!