SPoT Life: Volcom Damn Am - Day 3

Posted on Sunday, April 13, 2014 by Sebastian

Photos and words by Mikah Collins.
Video by Frank Branca.
Jamie Foy - Kickflip
Chase Webb - Kickflip 5-0
Andy Anderson - birthday flip. Happy Birthday Andy!
Anthony Estrada - Halfcab Heel
Micky Papa - Kickflip Crooks
Dalton Dern - Back 270 Lipslide
Jonathan Henderson - Front Shuv Boardslide
Jamie Foy - Fakie Overcrooks
Dalton Dern - Back 180 Nosegrind
Franky Villani - Bennett grind
Axel Cruysbergs - Noseblunt
Jamie Foy - Gap to back tail
Ricky Melnik getting front row seating for the DVS Best Trick contest.
Franky Villani - Bigspin bennett grind
Tislam Smith Kickflip bluntslide
Andy Anderson receives DVS’s All In Good Fun award.
Franky Villani massacred the park, and for that he's walking away with the Zumiez Destroyer award.
John Lucero and Tyler Mumma stoked on Franky’s winning.
Franky Villani taking home another award for his slaughter of the park. 1st place in DVS’s Best Trick thanks to Bigspin Bennett Grind 180 out down the hubba.
These guys killed Volcom’s park the entire weekend. Taking home 1st is Alex Cruysbergs, 2nd is Tyson Bowerbank and 3rd is Anthony Anaya. All very well deserved. These dudes ripped.
Andrew Cannon and Gary Rogers get the crowd hyped for the product toss.
Products fly and kids scramble. The product toss marks the end of the day and with that, Damn Am Costa Mesa presented by Volcom is a wrap. Thanks to Volcom, DVS, Transworld Skate, Independent, Dakine, Hellaclips, Zumiez & Bones for making this awesome event happen. See you in ATL for Damn Am Atlanta!