SPoT Life: Damn Am Atlanta - Day 1

Posted on Sunday, May 11, 2014 by Sebastian

Video by Frank Branca.
Photos and words by Marino Nicastro.

Damn Am Atlanta Presented by Hazard County Skatepark had its qualifiers on Saturday and the skating was insane! Here's an overview of the course.
JJ Sharkey started it off in the second jam with this back smith.
Uncle Sam was shredding and made it to the semi finals with this front blunt and popped over the board.
The Tampa Squad was hyping up Sam and everyone at the park!
Hollywood Martinez killing it with this ollie over the vert channel.
Poptart always shredding tranny, back blunt over the quarter channel.
Tyson Peterson with a crazy long front feeble across and down.
Outside there was also some crazy things going on.
Kids getting into some hi-jinx outside. Cee-lo!
Eli Williams 50-50 pull in to the smaller quarter pipe.
Alejandro Burnell with a great miller flip skating like a man.
Markus Jalaber killed it all over the course, here he half cab nose slides the handrail.
A lot of kids were hard flipping the stair set but Nathan Oxenrider pops one over the handrail.
There were many other things to skate outside of the course to keep yourself warmed up. Alejandro tweaks out a front smith on this quarter pipe.
Kanaan Dern front 270 to back lip.
Niko Howard getting a back lip down the death rail.
This dude had the cleanest outfit winning his own contest.
Jereme Knibbs makes it obvious why he qualified 2nd and got the golden ticket with the tweaked indy grab.
Jereme kickflipped over the hubba as well.
Zion Wright qualified 1st and also got the golden ticket. He got this half cab back smith like it was nothing.
Jona, the owner of Hazard County Skatepark, always holding it down wherever needed. Thanks for the great times!
Here are the two golden ticket winners, Zion Wright and Jereme Knibbs. Congrats guys and can't wait to see tomorrow.
Mr. Wright and Uncle Sam showing the enthusiasm.?
The homies and the skatepark were so hyped for the results!