SPoT Life: Damn Am Atlanta - Day 2

Posted on Monday, May 12, 2014 by Sebastian

Video by Frank Branca.
Photos and words by Marino Nicastro.

Sunday started off with semi-finals, and Zach Saraceno had these switch frontside flips better than his regular ones.
Florida native Pat Schaefer caught this switch flip no problem.
Niko Howard blasting around the course lofts a big frontside alley-oop.
Nick Wallace, one of the other younger rippers here, backs that up with a huge boneless in his run.
All camo everything
Ronnie Kessner threw this front nose blunt down getting the judges attention.
The wall was heavy with spectators.
Dalton Dern started off the finals right with the back 270 lip slide.
Ish Cepeda has a stylish nollie crooked grind every try.
Jon Cosentino was ripping all weekend throwing down the switch frontside heelflip whenever he wanted.
Christian Wood made the cut to the finals with his unique style, the back 270 lip here is what he started his run off with.
Tyson Peterson blew minds with a backside 270 lip slide to fakie!
Markus Jalaber from the SPoT team represented all weekend with tricks like kick flip lip slide on the high bar.
Kadian Maxwell with a nollie front board.
Thank you DJ AlBow for the tunes.
Zion Wright was a destroyer with this half cab back crooked grind!
The crowd loves Zion!
Markus also has a phenomenal fakie back nosegrind, securing him a medal.
Uncle Sam Bellipanni, front feeble.
Tampa Squad hype!
Casey helped out all weekend with setup and judging he is a boss!
It was a tough call but Jon took the title with tricks like this hard flip crail grab.
Right after finals ended they heard straight into the Independent best trick where Chad Poore did a fakie 270 to front blunt down the hubba to win 1st place.
A big thank you to Hazard County Skatepark and Jona for hosting us and the contest.
Congratulation to Zion Wright who won the Zumiez Destroyer Award for destroying it all weekend long.
Congratultions to our top three; Jereme Knibbs 3rd, Markus Jalaber 2nd and Jon Cosentino winning 1st!
Thank you to all our sponsors Matix, Supra and Independent and everyone for coming out! From Brian Schaefer and all of us at SPoT thank you and hope you had a good time at Damn Am Atlanta!