Damn Am Minneapolis Friday Practice

Posted on Friday, June 13, 2014 by Sebastian

Photos and words by Alex Uncapher
Alejandro Burnell's boneless is big but it's even bigger if you knew he did it at like 10am before you even woke up.
I've seen this trick on tranny but Anthony Anaya's alley-oop fakie front 5-0 on this steep slippery bank is a whole lot cooler.
Zander Gabriel sets up a freshie in the Familia HQ shop.
Frank Branca films Zander Gabriel doing a no problem 5-0 to switch crook on the bank to ledge with a fresh setup.
Always hyped to see Tom Rohrer back in town. Back 180 fake 5-0 on the bank to ledge with a dislocated pinky.
This back 180 nose grind was so easy for Henry Gartland that I had to shoot it a few times just to get the perfect lock in.
Ricky Nunn blasted this switch heel so high and in my face I barely even managed to keep it in frame.
Caught Ricky Nunn again doing like 5 big spin front boards in a row and managed to catch one of them.
Giovanni Galera barely speaks english but he had no problem nosegrinding this handrail.
Jackson Parrish was one of only a few guys hitting the handrail the manly way with this perfect back smith.
Local ripper Kirian Stone registers for the comp with the help of Eric McKenny and Sebastian Chande
Not an easy trick on transition, Shane Short came out of nowhere with a bunch of these stylish front feebles.
I don't even know where Kirian Stone is going with this massive frontside air, probably outer space.
I just happened to be standing on the quarter pipe when Jared Cleland showed up and did a perfect nose grind a foot away from me, he redid it for a photo effortlessly.
Not only does Familia stock everything you could ever need for skateboarding, it just looks cool too.
Connor Gasch feebles in the corner of one of the raddest and most well designed indoor parks I've ever skated.
Eli Rashad showed up and within 5 minutes he showed us a book he lives by, put down a handful of vape pens, killed the stairset, and had time to shoot this fakie pop switch blunt photo.
Finally some food! Hotdogs and burgers save lives.
Here's some more grill action with a bonus high five in the background and also big up to Redbull for keeping everybody caffeinated.
Legend crew. When was the last time you saw Brian Schaefer, Emeric Pratt, Steve Nesser, Seth McCallum, and Paul Zitzer in one photo?
Just a couple of my favorite things, beer and skateboarding. Thanks PBR!