Damn Am Minneapolis Saturday Qualifiers & Nightlife

Posted on Saturday, June 14, 2014 by Sebastian

Video by Frank Branca
Photos and Words by Alex Uncapher.
AJ Mockenhaupt blasts a frontside flip over the bump to bar.
Local big baller Tabari Cook handled business with this nollie frontside heelflip
Wallrides are awesome. Frontside wallrides are even more awesome. So that makes Tanner VanVark's switch frontside wallride really really awesome.
Henry Gartland wallrides the wrong way over the euro gap and into the slippery bank.
Jared Cleland had this trick on everything, I managed to catch this fakie ollie switch front crook down the handrail.
If this looks like some really crazy lipslide that's because it is. Cole Wayka with a back 270 lip.
I don't think i've ever seen Cody Davis miss a kickflip, he did a handful of them over the rail and into the bank with ease.
Going mach 5, Julian Mejia tailslides to fakie into the other bank.
Ricky Nunn always goes big. Huge alley oop 180 from the quarterpipe into the bank.
Tabari Cook again with a rare fakie frontside 5-0 to fakie from the big to little.
Jack Lunt always has the coolest never before seen tricks that I wish I thought of myself. Here's a wallie up the bench and up into a 5-0 to fakie.
Couldn't help but put up another banger by Jack Lunt. Wallride up from the bank onto the deck then backside boneless into the quarterpipe.
Anthony Anaya with a stylish pivot fakie.
Ryan Yost is going to shred that poster into pieces with this alley oop backside wallride.
Anthony Peterson hyped to come up on some Redbull.
Nowparvar bros in full effect.
Big up to the Supra crew, all you guys rip.
Casey Wayne, Luke Hunt, Seth McCallum, Paul Zitzer, and Brian Schaefer are judgin hard.
This is a photo of Tanner VanVark doing a back 180 switch 5-0 down the handrail, I was just turned the wrong way.
Kick, push.
Art show at Familia was packed!
Smooth game of cee-lo in the back of the art opening.
Cheers with the heshest guy I know, thanks PBR!
Aaron Christensen stood on the table and yelled at everybody to go party, alright fine I will.
The Homies!
Dj's at the after party kept it real.
Tucker got turnt!
Eddie teaching everybody how to party.
Dana "Pizza" Ross got down!