SPoT Life: Damn Am Minneapolis Day 3 & Finals

Posted on Monday, June 16, 2014 by Chris

Words and photos by Alex Uncapher.
Video by Frank.
Alejandro Burnell finds the coolest hippy ollie in the park.
I don't think Kirian Stone really knows how stairs work so he ollied the wrong way up the double set.
I think Ricky Nunn was the only person I saw skate this gap. Big tre flip onto the manny pad.
Ricky had a crazy bruised foot but shredded all day anyway. Better ice it with some Red Bull.
Redbull girls putting in work!
This stylish back noseblunt over the hip was no problem for Tanner VanVark.
Alejandro Burnell again with a launch up to smith stall to disaster back in. This dude rips.
Beautiful day for some Red Bull patio chillin.
Jack Olson made a quick cameo appearance long enough to get this kickflip noseslide.
Anthony Anaya was no complying everything, this was probably my favorite. Over the rail and into the bank.
Paul Zitzer telling em!
Alex bumped beats in stunna shades.
Look at all those wings! Thanks for the hookup Red Bull!
Now just imagine if Cody Davis could throw this buttery switch tre flip down the euro into the middle of his run. Oh wait...he did.
Just barely pulling it off before the end of the best trick contest, Dylan Williams landed this back 180 fakie 5-0 kickflip out.
Corey Millett always has the biggest bangers on a handrail, here's a fakie heelflip switch 5050 during the best trick contest.
Dan Coe has a million variations of this trick on lock and they are all awesome. Kickflip backtail fakie during best trick.
Tanner VanVark had some wild tricks down the rail in the best trick contest, not sure if i've ever seen a fakie noseblunt down a rail before.
Malik Jones, Corey Millett, and Dylan Williams placed Top 3 in the best trick down the stairs and rail! Corey Millett came in 1st.
Cody Davis wins Damn Am!! Killed it!
Anthony Anaya, Cody Davis, and Tanner VanVark finished top 3 of the whole comp for good reason! You guys killed it!
Product toss! Thanks for the rad weekend everybody! Big thanks to Matix, Supra, Familia Skateshop, Red Bull, PBR, Bones, Dakine, Transworld Skateboarding, Send Help, Hellaclips, and Independent trucks!