Damn Am Cascais (Portugal): Day 1

Posted on Saturday, July 19, 2014 by Chris

Words and photos by Mathijs Tromp
Video by Frank Branca
Welcome to our first Damn Am from Cascais (Portugal). This is an amazing skatepark and there are already so many dudes ripping it up. Afonso Nery is one of the most promising locals for this weekend. Here's a backside smith out of the bank.
Duarte Pombo is a local from Lisbon and he showed us a lot of crazy tricks today, like this front crook down the rail.
For the past seven years, Damn Am was held in Amsterdam. Tim Zom, Robbin de Wit and Shajen Willems came down to Portugal for this years Damn Am. Here's a pause for a footage check.
SPoT staff at registration giving out free stickers and t-shirts, courtesy of Volcom, and the kids are loving it.
This local hasn't signed up for the contest yet, but he's already killing it. That's a FS boardslide.
George Poole comes all the way from France and has a mean frontside feeble.
He also has a mean sadgrab.
Lots of free stuff = kids go crazy.
This local showed us some clean hardflips over the drive.
Stalefish during the bowl session.
Robbin de Wit from Holland is stoked to be at Damn Am again, and not only for skateboarding.
Tim Zom is ready for some serious shit, and warms up with this proper backside overcrook.
Here's Tim again with a lien air.
Volcom brought some great people for the contest staff. Thanks for holding it down, ladies. Stay tuned for some photos and video from Day 2 coming soon.