Damn Am Cascais (Portugal): Day 2 Qualifiers

Posted on Sunday, July 20, 2014 by Chris

After a ripping Friday practice session, it's time to do it all over again for the Qualifying runs. Check out the full edit and some photos from day 2 of Damn Am in Portugal.

Video by Frank.
Photos by Mathijs Tromp / Flatspot Mag.
Here we are at day two of Damn Am Portugal and the ripping continues. Vincent Milou is going big early in the day with this backside lipslide down the rail.
This kid is already too famous for the Paparazzi.
Local Duarte Pombo killed it all day, but he couldn't make it work in his run. Hopefully we will see him back next year for a second chance.
With skating like this, it's no wonder Eniz Fazliov got the Kingpin readers' choice award twice in a row.
Even dogs in Portugal love skateboarding.
Thanks for the tasty lunch, Volcom!
Phelps making some new friends in Cascais.
Jorge Simões had a perfect run and the locals went crazy for it. Here's a FS crook.
Your judges for Saturday. These guys definitely have the hardest job here: Volcom's Roberto Aleman from Spain, James Craig from the US and Thomas Kring from Denmark.
Here's last year's Amsterdamn Am winner, Nassim Guammaz with a full speed 5-0 down the kink rail during his warmup run.
Nassim again with a perfect and stylish backside overcrook.
This guy is a beast on the course. BS smith down the rail and the Atlantic Ocean in the background.
Panorama shot of the amazing skatepark of Parque das Gerações, Cascais.
Alfonso Nery - noseblunt slide.
Robbin de Wit got some super clean backside tailslides during his runs.
Shajen Willems came down from The Netherlands, and we're stoked to see him in the Finals tomorrow. Here's a frontside kickflip.
Gav Coughlan sticks a nice 360 kickflip over the drive.
Thanks to all our sponsors that make this happen.
Here's Tim Zom and Nassim Guammaz getting some useful tips from Jake Phelps.
Back to more of what you want: skate photos! Anthony Anaya is on vacation in Portugal with his parents. It's nice to see him here skating the contest.
...and he got 8th place in the qualifiers with hammers like this front blunt. Killing it, Anthony. That's it for Day 2...now it's time to party!