Damn Am Cascais (Portugal): Saturday Nightlife

Posted on Sunday, July 20, 2014 by Chris

Well, that's it for Saturday's Qualifiers. It's unbelievable how much amazing skating has gone down in just one day. After everybody cools off, it's time to hit the nightlife in Cascais. Volcom kept the beer flowing and NY's Dirty Fences had a live show. Check out some drunken photos from it all below.

Photos by Mathijs Tromp / Flatspot Mag.
Day 2 of Damn Am Portugal is coming to a close, but just because the skating is done doesn't mean it's over. The night party kicked off with NY's Dirty Fences playing live.
Volcom's Jebrane and Christian are stoked!
Your filmer for the weekend, Frank Branca getting loose after a long day.
Eric and Frank hanging out with the Volcom girls.
Volcom has been killing it all weekend, hooking everyone up with free beers and food. Thanks guys!
Whats that thing on his face?
Jebrane's enjoying the free beers.
Eric sharing a friendly universal hand gesture with one of the Volcom girls.
Shajen Willems and Tim Zom from Holland also sharing a universal hand gesture.
Things started to get a little fuzzy around this time, so this is where it ends. We'll see you all tomorrow for the Semi-Finals / Finals.