Some Photos From Day 1 of Damn Am NYC

Posted on Friday, September 26, 2014 by Chris

Words and photos by Alex Uncapher.
Derek Acosta busts out a huge gap back lip during practice.
Tony Baldelli gets a little tech with a front smith to front board on the flatbar.
The best playground I've ever seen.
Even before noon the park was starting to fill up for practice.
Dan Corrigan was one of the few who wasn't afraid to make it to the top of this crazy fence wallride. Rock and Roll.
Starlin Polanco came out of nowhere with this first try tre flip over the flat.
Antonio Durao's switch nosegrind is better than your regular one.
Monty Mercado has a big beard and a shiny hat and an an amazing frontside flip catch.
Tyrone Henderson has the biggest pop out of these front blunts.
Some SPoT team members lurking outside the park.
Allen Beers is super excited and can kickflip 5-0 no problem even if the runway is basically a puddle.
This is the wettest switch frontside flip I've ever seen. The runway and the landing were both puddles and Joel Morgenweck didn't care.
How many points do you get for tip-toeing down the stairs with a scooter?
James Cobb has massive pop. It's one thing to gap over the apple but to do it the wrong way is just insane.
Had to throw this in there too, this cab by James Cobb was in a line after gapping over the apple the hard way. Watch out for this guy.
I'm not sure what this guy's name is but he had a smooth nollie backside flip and I'm sure we'll run into him again this weekend.