Damn Am NYC Day 2: Qualifiers

Posted on Saturday, September 27, 2014 by Chris

Getting a New York City Damn Am stop has been a long time coming, and now that it’s happening we wish we could have lined one up years ago. The Nike SB funded LES Skatepark in Lower Manhattan is where things are going down this weekend, and if you like butter ground, perfect ledges, tons of space, whippy transitions, and hanging with BA, (and who wouldn’t?) you might never want to leave. New York was also kind enough to import San Diego’s weather for the weekend, so it’s been almost too good.

Qualifiers on Saturday consisted of 75 plus skaters from all over the world, Mexico, Australia, and Columbia being a few spots that come to mind, plus half the dudes from Tampa including the two with face tats. Seeing the LES locals skate is rad too, kind of like watching the Supreme video happen in front of your face. Kevin Bradley and Tyshawn both skated and killed it, KB making it straight through to the finals with the 2nd place Golden Ticket. But the surprise of the day was New York’s Antonio Durao, who smoked everyone with what looked like relative ease, and THEN you find out he was doing everything switch. Yeah he’s one of those guys. Switch smith grinds, switch tres, switch 180 nosegrinds. Remember when you watch the footage to remind yourself that he’s goofy footed. Semi-finals and finals are guaranteed to blow minds on Sunday and from there hopefully the New York stop becomes a Damn Am tradition.

-Paul Zitzer

Words and photos by Alex Uncapher
Video by Jean-Luc Vida
This back noseblunt is just a warm up for Carlo Carezzano.
Not enough dudes skating this crazy thing. Chris Blake with a nosegrind off the end.
The man, the myth, the legend. Paul Zitzer with a blunt fakie.
Big ol' ollie over the bubba by Yoshi Tanenbaun.
David Dixon flicks a flawless hardflip over the bump to bump.
Brian Odwyer had this gap to front feeble on lock.
Wassup dawg?
Built for speed.
Paul Zitzer, one of the best announcers in the game.
I've seen a lot of kickflip front boards but this heelflip front board by Jamel Marshall is a lot more rare.
Every try half cab back 5-0 by Zion Wright.
Jamal Campbell brought back the caveman with this caveman 180 switch crooks.
The best thing about the crowd is that most of it is dudes that are skating in the comp!
I saw this trick twice today and I love it, nosegrind pop out by Jamel Marshall.
Dakota Hunt goes the distance with this bluntslide over the entire flat into the bank.
James Cobb took advantage of the crazy bank at the end by 50-50ing across and down.
Dripping with steeze nollie flip over the gap by Dave Bohack.
DJ Wade!
Big up to all the judges and the whole SPoT crew, these guys are the whole reason Damn Am exists!
Buttery tailslide 270 out by Jamal Campbell.
This dude is one of the most fun to watch in the whole comp, Keith Hardy with a high speed alley pop wallride on the fence.
GOLDEN TICKET! Antonio Durao placed first and earned his spot in the finals tomorrow. Kevin Bradley took second but was too busy partying already to get in the photo.