Damn Am NYC Day 3: Finals & Best Trick

Posted on Sunday, September 28, 2014 by Chris

Words and photos by Alex Uncapher
Here's the Golden Ticket winner of yesterday's Qualifiers, Antonio Durao with a switch tre. Yeah, this is switch.
Kevin Bradley also picked up a Golden Ticket yesterday. Here he is dipping a smooth back smith.
Dan Corrigan with another weird cool one. Wallie tuck knee.
Huge shifty flip by Gage Smith. Gage also picked up first place in the Best Trick contest. Check out coverage of that on the SPoT Life episode coming soon.
Buttery bluntslide by David Dixon before the chaos started.
Derek Acosta holds a solid back nosegrind to the end.
So much style. Zion Wright with this crail grab every single time.
Tyshawn Jones gaps out to this noseblunt.
After a board shootout Tyshawn Jones sneaks back into the park.
Alejandro Burnell with a front rock for the crowd.
Family stuff.
Effortless treflip over the gap by Pat Schaefer.
This is not an easy one. Markus Jalaber handles this fakie ollie to switch back 5-0 down the bubba.
Daps for Chris Pierre Jaques after an awesome run.
Insane hardflip front nose by Antonio Durao during his finals run.
Huge treflip over the apple by Yoshi Tanenbaum.
Karim Callender took second in the best trick comp with a smith frontside flip out!
Dan Corrigan going up with a front smith during the best trick comp.
Anything on this set is ridiculous. Joel Morgenweck with a huge frontside flip.
Unreal. You hardly ever see this trick on anything, let alone down a huge set. Laser flip by Yoshi Tanenbaum.
Brian Schaefer got dat dough!
This switch flip by Tyrone Henderson shut down the huge double set.
Tyrone Henderson with his winnings from that $100 switch flip!
A well-deserved Zumiez Destroyer award goes to Dan Corrigan. Killed it!
The Winners! Yoshi Tanenbaum finished first, Kevin Bradley second, and Antonio Durao in third. All these guys ripped all weekend!
...and it wouldn't be a contest without the product toss. Thanks to everyone who helped us make our first NYC a success, and especially to our sponsors: Nike SB, Independent Trucks, and Zumiez. Can't wait for next year!