SPoT Life: Nike SB Damn Am NYC, Finals & Best Trick

Posted on Monday, September 29, 2014 by Chris

Saturday Night we bumped into BA out on the streets of Manhattan, and his buddy from the West Coast suggested we do a best trick contest down the double set at LES. I forgot his name immediately like I do, but we took his suggestion and ran with it and his impact will be remembered for a long, long time. If you’re that dude, tag yourself in on this. But either way, we saved the huckfest for the end of the day on Sunday and it was pure epic insanity. NBDs for days and that double set is a mother of a beast. But first we had a street contest to run.

Sunday was going off from start to finish. Heavyweights like Tyshawn and Yonnie Cruz failed to make it out of the semis and into the finals due to an almost unreasonably high level of skating. Those that did make the top 12 did what was really a lot of pro level shredding. Dan Corrigan was a standout, with the most tricks and the wackiest lines he earned his second Zumiez Destroyer award and the $500 travel voucher that he’ll hopefully use to buy a ticket to Tampa Am. Kevin Bradley came through also, he put in a first place caliber run early but then Yoshi on his last run did everything he tried flawlessly, including a blunt kickflip fakie on the QP and the biggest big flip of the day, making him the undisputed champ of the weekend. Big ups to our judges, Jack Sabback, Bob Reynolds, and Pat Stiener for assigning the scores that made sense out all the madness. And thanks to Nike SB for supporting another display of the world’s best in amateur skateboarding.

-Paul Zitzer
Video by Jean-Luc Vida & Sam Bellipanni