Damn Am Select Series: LA photos (day 1)

Posted on Saturday, May 2, 2015 by Chris

Words and photos by Bart Jones.
First order of business: get these banners up to give thanks n’ praise to all the sponsors that make Damn Am possible…
…And sort out all the sweet product they provided us as well.
Alejandro Burnell’s first order of business? Getting his Hurricanes. dialed on the bank to barrier.
Alex Midler opts out for the Backside Blunt, dialed on the bank-to-barrier.
Bring your own toilet paper and toilet while you're at it.
Tyson Bowerbank takes a break from the spinnin’ and-a flippin' for a solid B/S 180 Nosegrind down the Hubba.
Amateur contest guru, Julian Christianson catches a solid Nollie Backside Bigspin down the gap.
The morning crowd wasn’t quite what we were expecting, but hell.. everyone’s invited!
Chase Webb not one to veer away from the difficult maneuvers with a Switch Hurricane down the rail.
Jared Cleland does not mess up! At least not on Front Blunts.
It’s hot out here! Boxed Water is your friend!
Some call it a Bennett grind, some call it Benatar, either way Cotie Robinson’s got em!
Carlos Lastra ain’t afraid of a re-grip job with these Darkslides down the Hubba.
Legends….. Kelvin Hoefler and James Craig.
Tyler Amucha lockin’ n’ loadin’ Kickflip Backside Tailslides down the rail like butter!
Zion Wright coasts, guides, and locks a 180 Switch Crook from the same side.
Tyson Bowerbank works out a backside nosepick while the SPoT crew takes care of the rest.
Watch out for Mason Silva this weekend, he’s real good. Frontside Noseblunt.
Alejandro Burnell keeps it goin’ throughout the day with a straight No Comply down the stairs.
Past Damn Am winner, Gage Boyle gets Friday evening started right with a first try Kickflip Front Board.
Spot filmer, Frank Branca captures it all. Stay tuned tomorrow for more photos, and check the site Sunday for Spot Life, also follow the Insta for updates and highlights throughout the day of this year's first stop of Damn Am 2015 here at Lincoln Park in Los Angeles, California.