Damn Am Select Series Atlanta: Friday Practice Photos

Posted on Saturday, May 23, 2015 by Chris

Words and photos by Bart Jones.
Where’s the park?! OH.
SPoT’s finest, Uncle Sam gets the day started with a Fakie Hurricane down the rail.
Marcos Montoya goes over the back with the Noseblunt Slide.
Park lookin’ crispy.
Gotta give a birthday shout out to the best boss a kid could ever have. Happy Birthday Paul!!
All-Terrain Ripper Dalton Dern creates some mass with a long n’ tall Nosegrind over the seat of love.
D, I, Fn’ Y!
Son of skatepark owner Lil’ Owings ain’t afraid to hit the crete!
Zitzer works a whole day on his Bday with all smiles, getting the prizes ready for this freakin’ weeken’
Jamie Foy over compensates a bit with a Kickflip Backlip on the bump to bar.
Tyson Peterson flows the distance via Backside Nosegrind.
Judah Bubes takes a break from the Indoor for his daily dose of Vitamin D...I.Y!
Dalton's got a brother!? Kanaan completes the gruesome twosome with a Kicky Crooks
Bob Reynolds gets the Bowl Jam/Best Trick Contest started showing these twerps what’s up with the Stale Slide.
David Dixon jumps the gun and gets a piece of the sub-box, before it was cool mannnnnnn…
Jake Wooten might look like your average kid but skates like a full grown Pterodactyl!
Gus Gordon with the quickness, Backside Nosepick straight back into the pit.
Jona from Hazard County keeps the burgers n’ brews flowin while the kids continue to shred!
Jake Wooten again smacking some tail and takin’ it back in.
If you wanna go Texas Death Match style this is bound to happen.
Tony Christopher steps it up and takes a Pivot to Fakie with a Grab..no joke!
Where others stall, Dalton Dern Smith Grinds, closing out the Best Trick Bowl Jam.
Stay tuned for Qualifiers photos and other mayhem tomorrow!