Damn Am Select Series Atlanta: Saturday Qualifiers Photos

Posted on Sunday, May 24, 2015 by Chris

Video by Frank Branca.
Words and photos by Bart Jones.
Started the morning off with Boards For Bros hooking up the kids with a grip of boards.
Ironically, Thomas Dritsas was one of the first dudes at the park skating this morning, although he was in the last heat of the day.
Crazy kids gonna burn through all their allowance!
Wesley Box takes us through the motions of a classic Texas Plant.
DJ Cub keeps the crowd on their feet!
Disregard what you've heard...there is no Dickies with 5 Panel hat dress code, wear what you dig!!
Mitch Schmidt checks the sturdiness of the walls... they held up.
Niko Howard goes with Isaac Newton on this one, what goes up must come down.
Second Damn Am in a row where a child needed to be carried off the course mid-contest.
Becker Dunn gets a Hella Cool Front Blunt Slide.
Weasels don't fly, but...Dirt Weasels do.
DD stands for David Dixon and he rips!
Jake Wooten is a maniac! Lofty Ollies on the vert ramp between hittin' the street course.
Jake also gets the girls too.
Dalton Dern bridges the gap.
No surprise... Ivan Monteiro makes the Semis once again.
Tyson Petersen rides into a BS smith grind and pops off the end.
Marcos Montoya keeps it traditional and Ollies into his Back Smith Grinds.
No surprise to see Jack Olson in the top 3.
Jamie Foy got the Golden Ticket with second place and can also shred vert!
First Place Qualifier goes to Yoshi Tanenbaum!! He was not in the building for the photo, sooo we had some Fat Kook Poser sub in for him.