SPoT Life: Damn Am Select Series Atlanta - Sunday Semis and Finals

Posted on Monday, May 25, 2015 by Chris

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Video by Frank Branca.
Photos and words by Bart Jones.
Get your Value Pack ready, 'cause fools about to get straight shit on! Might need to clean up some tears too.
Myles Willard gives this quarterpipe/bank hybrid a break from a million axle stalls and gives it some Backside Boneless love.
Boards For Bros keeping things fun out back with games n’ such. Follow a good cause! @Boardsforbros
Josh Douglas starts off the Semis with rad maneuvers like this Backside Smith Pop Out.
What’s a contest without a few Drumsticks?! Farmer Jona plans ahead.
Eli Phillips just missed making the finals by only a few spots.. regardless, he killed it with high-speed lines, big airs, and this giant Gap to Fifty.
Maddock Owings took a run and the crowd went crazy!
Gus Gordon didn’t even Qualify for the semis but that didn’t stop him from blasting head high Liens Airs in the backyard bowl.
Golden Ticket winner Yoshi Tanenbaum shows up late and starts dialing in his run.
Lest we not forget about the DIf’nY! Cameron shows some love for the crete’ with a Frontside Sugarcane Grind.
Just to give you an idea of the level of skating that went down, Thomas Dritsas had a flawless run full of not so easy tricks like this 180 Switch Crook and didn’t even make top 10, regardless amazing skating Tom!
Tyson Petersen had this Frontside Hurricane on lock all weekend, but when it was time for the finals he couldn’t pull the trigger, regardless still making the top 10.
Henry Gartland’s go to moves aren’t your average pocket tricks... Probably didn’t hurt him making his way into 8th place. Good Job Henry!
Marcos Montoya had hot moves on lock like these Kickflip Backtails, but things went a little haywire in his final runs, either way expect to see this name in the top three in the future!
Dalton Dern sped around the course like a wild man, packing more tricks into one minute that I can even keep track of, Noseblunt Slide into the bank being one of them.
Consistency is a virtue! It least for Ivan Monteiro. Tre Flip Lip’s on lock and the 5th place spot too!
Jamie Foy absolutely murdered it with powerful consistent runs, putting him on the podium with 3rd place. Hell Yeah Jamie!
Best believe a past Tampa Am winner is gonna be up there! Jack Olson copped himself that 2nd place spot.
And once again, Yoshi Tanenbaum takes 1st at Damn Am ATL!! Getting a Blunt Kickflip Out on the quarter pipe bank fusion. Congrats Yoshi!
What’s a contest without giving some free goods to the fine people that come and support the contest?
Another hint of the level of skating that was going down i.e. Zack Reed starts off the Best Trick Contest with a Tre Flip 50/50 down the rail and didn’t get a damn thing!
Ivan Monteiro might have not gotten top 3 in the actual comp, but came up on third in best trick with a 360 Flip Noseslide Bigspin Out. Here’s the first half of the trick.
Twas pretty hard to capture Mason Coletti’s Kickflip Backtail Bigspin down the rail with a single photo, but he sure as hell did it and got him self 2nd place in Best Trick as well.
Skatepark of Tampa’s very own Markus Jalaber took 1st place in Best Trick by storm with this Kickflip Frontside Bluntslide on his last try. Congratulations Markus!!
Niko Howard gets an award for being the face of the trophy.
Parker Gilliland gets an award for falling on his head and bleeding out his ears, Nice! Parker! Glad to see you alive and kickin’
Farmer Jona gets his recognition for letting us hold another epic Damn Am in his barn.
Prize and praise go to Tim Kulas, Damn Am’s very first winner of all time.
Your Top Three Guys: 3rd Jamie Foy 2nd Jack Olson and Yoshi Tanenbaum in 1st !! Good Work Guys!!!
Until next time… Thank You Atlanta! And we’re out!!