Damn Am 2015 Select Series: Chicago (Day 1)

Posted on Friday, June 12, 2015 by Chris

Words and photos by Bart Jones.
Windy City! Coming in hot!
There she is in all her entirety, isn’t it a beaut? Looks like something from another planet…nope in the heart of the Midwest.
William Nelson takes it to the far back corner with a Tre Flip To Fakie on the bank.
Jay Fairman swerves through some traffic full speed and gets a 5-O Fakie.
Fighting Illinois local Andy Patterson dials in his Backside Noseblunt Slides.
All kinds of non-skateboarding activities goin’ on.
Including whatever this is..?
Henry Gartland hits the Hubba from the back and Wallrides all over it.
Atlanta Damn Am winner, Yoshi Tanenbaum back for more in the Chi.
Nick Hanson gets up close n’ personal with some sort of Front Rock Layback thingy.
Two Wallrides are better than one, Brett Weinstein and Andy Patterson test the theory.
Louisville F’n Kentucky in the house!
Wild man Tony Christopher Smith Grinds a sketchy situation.
Damn Am registration guru Eric McKenney and Spot Life filmer Frank Branca take a break from their daily chores to play a li'l game of monkey on my back.
Nick Arima mastering the Backside No-Comply via Quarter Pipe.
Alejandro Burnell finds himself at the pinnacle point of the park and celebrates by grabbing some tail.
Uncle Sam gets it in before the rain drops a bomb on us.
Thought you guys were badass! Scared of the rain!?
Rain cut our day a bit short, but we’ll be back bright and early today doin’ the reverse rain dance.. seeya then!