SPoT Life: Damn Am Chicago (Day 2)

Posted on Saturday, June 13, 2015 by Chris

Video by Frank Branca
Words and photos by Bart Jones
Everybody really came together and did their part to get this giant park dry multiple times today.
Guest Judge for the weekend, Jordan Hoffart fresh of the plane shows 'em a proper sweeper.
Then Jordan exemplified that even tho the park was a wee bit wet, it was ready to be shredded.
Dean Paul-Denniston won a free trip out to the contest via Nike SB App, he takes advantage with a Bump To Noseblunt Slide.
My fellow teammate, Kyle Jakubowicz from Yeah Boardshop Gaps into a chucky situation.
Uhhhhhhh Yuh Busted!
Conner Smallwood gets his Hardflip on after a not so mellow drive from North Cacka.
Will Hommrich hits the Hubba from the Backside with a Crook.
Guest pro judge, Chany Jeanquenin having a hard time with the weather grabs a tarp to ease the pain.
The judges stand tries to stay warm with tarps and blankets while Jereme Sneath stays warm with Backside Crailslides.
The other Nike SB App winner Jorgy Rodriguez cuts through the mist with a Front Feeble Grind.
Chicagoland Underdog Andy Patterson kicks it with his peeps after making the qualifying cut.
Just a couple weeks ago, Yoshi Tanenbaum won Damn Am Atlanta, he stays in the mix with a Backside Flip over the rail the not so easy way.
Henry Gartland always lurking the top 10 this time with a Kickflip Front Nosegrind.
Micky Papa takes the high road with a Crooked Grind and qualifying in at 3rd place.
Alex Midler handling skating in the rain better than some with a Kicky Backlip.
We call this guy the Warrior, dude drove his car right up to the edge of the park, broke out a BBQ Grill and sipped brews all day; needless to say ..he ripped! He even brought his leaf blower and got at those pesky puddles.
Alex Midler once again Front Feeble grinding a long one into 2nd place and a Golden Ticket in his hand.
This all seems so familiar? Once again Dashawn Jordan swipes the other Golden Ticket, and the first place Qualifying spot.
Even after a long day of skating in adverse conditions Dashawn had enough juice to Noseblunt Slide the Hubba for one last photo.
A big shout out to these two, everybody who helped out, and all the dudes skating. It was a long day of shitty weather, but we got through it and it was fun as hell!