Damn Am 2015 Costa Mesa Day 1 Photos

Posted on Saturday, August 8, 2015 by Chris

Words and photos by Bart Jones
Welcome to our fourth stop of the Damn Am Select Series here in sunny Costa Mesa, CA. Enter the Void...otherwise known as Volcom HQ. Let's get to ripping.
Chris Drysen gets things started sittin’ pretty on a F/S Noseslide.
None of these dipshits getting out of hand with this dude runnin’ tings.
Zion Wright matches the height of the QP with this lofted Ollie.
Eric Mckenney shows these new guys the ropes.
Whether it’s the hair or the Front Feeble, Berronte Ramirez is ALWAYS steezin’
Remy Stratton shows these kids how to move a barrier around.
Dylon Carson salutes The Stone with a Boneless.
Trending on the Volcom HQ premises, Acai Bowls.
Kevin Love reppin the Ginger Army with a Kickflip FS Grind.
The boys getting all gitty n’ googly over Acai!
Alejandro Burnell is not one to show face, but he will kick the shit out of this support beam.
Steve Stratton, a man with a long title at Volcom brings out his little man and shows em what its all about.
Joseph Campos is growing and getting up on rails easier these days, even with dudes jetting around in every direction.
Andrew Cannon exemplifies to his filmer RiftyFifty that he goes both ways.
Treshan O’Shaughnessy takes a fs Feeble around the bend.
Taylor McClung knows better. Too hot and too busy inside, so he takes it out side with poppy Switch Heels.
Frankie Villani tests the sturdiness of the walls, and they don’t budge.. Volcom HQ strong like bull.
Last Damn Am stop winner and in the running for Damn Am of the year, Micky Papa closes things out with a ridiculous Tre Flip Noseslide Bigspin Out. Just exemplifying Damn Am Costa Mesa is gonna be good one! Stay tuned for more videos, photos and Qualifiers results.