Damn Am 2015 Costa Mesa Day 2 Photos

Posted on Sunday, August 9, 2015 by Chris

Words and photos by Bart Jones.
We are the contest makers; we are the contesters of contests.
Every morning someone has got to get the party started, this time it’s Oscar Meza with a Back Overcook down the rail.
If anyone takes more than one pair of socks, they are banned from skating forever!
Dominick Walker has been killing it in the OC for well over a decade now.
Austin Zito getting jiggy wit it.
Blind's Bill Weiss and Cody Mac holding it down.
Jackson Davis, king of the straight No-Comply To Blunt.
Contrary to popular belief, kids still look at skate magazines.
Damn Am El Loco, Alex Midler holds the big bank down with a FS Noseblunt.
C1RCA cohorts, Robbie Brockell and Jason Hainult got a case of the giggles.
Kane Sheckler skips taco night and goes straight for the Frontside Noseblunt Slide.
Stages being set up, Dad Cams, Blake Johnson, and peanut galleries alike, Ish Cepeda ignores it all with a F/S Bluntslide.
Chase Webb gleaming the stone.
New shit, J.J. Hamilton plays with the Tre Flip Footplant.
DJ Wade, working hard or hardly working? Wade goes with the latter.
Zander Gabriel goes where few man have before with a Smith Stall above the big bank.
Do It For The Crowd!! That’s exactly what Dominick Walker does with a KF Frontside Nosegrind.
From top to bottom, Jesus Esteban Correa crushes the transfer of death.
Put some clothes on young man! Blake Johnson don’t care with a Frontside Air.
Berronte Ramirez is the future of skateboarding! And that’s just fine by us!
Zach Saraceno skips the warm-up tricks and gets to business with a Barley Grind, only a small sample of what got him the Golden Ticket and 2nd spot in qualifiers.
Golden ticket and 1st place qualifier local, Dashawn Jordan does it once again!
Dashawn missed out on a sweet Golden Ticket winner photo, so we had the crew fill in, good luck tomorrow guys; seeya then!!