SPoT Life: Damn Am Costa Mesa Day 3 Edit & Photos

Posted on Monday, August 10, 2015 by Chris

Words and photos: Bart Jones
Video: James Riff and Frank Branca
Jordan Hoffart is no stewed prune. Before he gets to judging, he solidifies that he can shred with the best of em.
Jackson Davis gets his with little room to spare.
Hair Do’s with Wacson Mass and Blake Johnson.
Noe Solis goes Backside Flip up n’ over.
Between classic hip-hop dance moves, Taylor Mcclung blasts a Kickflip.
Classic Damn Am champ Felipe Gustavo and his pops come out to support.
Alex Midler releases a Backlip into the Red Bull bank.
Wacson Mass is really good at Tre Flips and pretty much putting them into whatever he this time around Lipslides.
Best Buds Omar Hassan and Josh Borden.
Chase Webb puts on his banzai face for a FS Grind blast off.
Holdin’ it down for the mile high city, Julian Christianson launches a Switch Heel down the set.
If your gonna make finals you best come equipped, Taylor McClung makes sure his braids and band are on point.
Taylor taking his pigtails for a trip with 360 Flip.
Tried to take this sweet photo of Remy Stratton throwin’ up the horns when Anthony Anaya had to photo bomb it with a No-Comply To Fakie.
Alex Midler steps out his realm with a Front Crook over the pyramid.
Blake Johnson, SQUAD!!!
Blake Wallridin’ for the Squad!
Past Damn Am winner Dashawn Jordan gets his BS 180 Nosegrind down the Hubs.
Blakular went sooo hard he needed medical advice.
Zach Saraceno Lipslides up and over.
Gage Boyle gets savage with a Biggie Front Board.
Meanwhile, outside the park, Thomas Bonilla takes a break from making Pizza Nistas and makes some Wallies.
Micky Papa runs things in the Rail and Hubba section, this time with a Nollie Flip Back Grind.
Chad Shetler takes his son for a simulated Nosegrind.
Jonathan Henderson gets the Independent Best Trick Comp started off with a Tre Flip Smith Grind.
JP Oliveira snagged 5th place in Best Trick with this 360 Flip Noseblunt Slide.
Andy Anderson grabbed the 4th place spot in Best Trick with a solid Darkslide To Fakie.
Julian Christianson held it down in 3rd Best Trick with a Switch Inward Noseslide Bigspin Out; Yeeesh!!
Micky Papa took 2nd place in Best Trick via Nollie Flip Back Overcrook.
Franky Villani put down a plethora of No-Comply into maneuvers getting him 1st in Independent’s Best Trick. Here’s an attempted still of the No-Comply Hurricane.
Congrats Franky!!
First Thanks For Nothing Award is gots to go to Remy and Jeff from Volcom. Thanks for lettin’ us do the event at your HQ time n time again!
If Jim ‘Red Dog’ Muir is in the house you best believe he’s gettin’ a Thanks For Nothing Award. Yea Red Dog!!
Anna Paula and Kelvin Hoefler holding it down for Viva La Brazil!!
Super sick to see DamnAm OG Felipe Gustavo come out and support his Brazilian counterparts.
Blake Johnson wins the Goliath award for being sucha f*%ckin beast! Crew intact.
As we get down to the final results, Wacson Mass ponders.. did I make it?
Yup he’s on the podium!
And then he won!!!
Congratulations to Wacson! Has to be an amazing feeling to win Damn Am at the age of 15 after only being in the states from Brazil for a few days!!
Congrats also to Gage Boyle and Micky Papa for taking 3rd and 2nd. Another epic Damn Am for the books. See y'all in a few weeks at Damn Am Woodward Pennsylvania!!