Damn Am 2015 Woodward PA Thursday Photos

Posted on Friday, August 28, 2015 by Chris

Words and photos: Bart Jones
Joseph Marrone gets the morning goin’ with a Back Lip after bein’ released from the clutches of the mandatory helmet as a camper for the week.
SPoT front man Paul Zitzer talks to The Goose about getting things set-up proper.
If the parents want a show David Dixon’s gonna give it to em! Backside Noseblunt Slide.
Woodward does not mess around when it comes to obstacle rearrangement.
Shawn Butler gives us a lil’ lesson on how to catch a proper Tre Flip.
Woodward bathrooms work around the Buddy System Style.
Alex Midler turning heads with his back smiths as I get posted rooftop.
Exclusive with the Elusive.. Legend Jefferson Pang interviews Yaje Popson.
More Legends!! Nathan Wessell and Aaron “Wheels” Fotheringham!
Tyson Zane pretends he’s at UCI getting his with a Front Feeble!
Ladies –n- Gentlemen... DJ Wade aka Skaterboy.
Wesley Box always doing the coolest tricks! This time with the Casper Stall.
Pat and Dave, the Bearded Brethrens.
David Dixon’s got it all. Tranny, rails, and yes of course blocks! Hardflip.
Why in the world is this man rigorously hosing down this outdoor carpet?! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!
Oh duh of course! Carpet/Snowboarding.
Still feel like I’m taking crazy pills though.
SD in the buildin’!!! Gray, Carlin, and Kellen.
Brian O’Dwyer Shows Midler a Proper pinch.
Little does he know Alex can also partake in somewhat of a good pinch as well.
But then Jamie Foy comes along and puts both their D’s n the D with the Fakie/Switch pinch.
Steady Grillin’.
The sun finally comes out and Zach Horkan celebrates with a Frontside Bluntslide.
Remember it’s always nice to lend a friend a shoulder.
Judah Bubes keeps it proper with a Frontside Grab Tailblock.
What is it that all these parents are enthused by??
Ahhh…doy, of course!! Mini-Mega!
I ain’t talking about the skateboard company when I say Alex Knox has got the Kickflip Nosegrinds on Lockdown.
I’m confused by how stylish kids are at a young age. Yosef Blamos Bubes keeps the confusion goin’ with a lofty Frontside Ollie.
Supposedly Tony Christopher aka Swamp Thing used to play the villain on the Camp Woodward Show. Tony comes back to camp for more but this time skips the glitz n’ glam and just goes for the Front Board Pop-Out up-n-over.
A great first day of practice at Woodward Camp, stay tune for some hot action from Qualifiers coming soon!